Womens Clothing

When it comes to clothing, women often find themselves in a real quandary. The concept of what is age appropriate often eludes women who are middle aged. They are clueless that there are certain things that aren’t necessarily ideal, let alone acceptable, for an older woman to wear. This doesn’t mean that middle aged women need to wear burlap sacks that cover them from their neck to their toes. The key is to know what’s appropriate, attractive and acceptable.

Here are some suggestions for any middle aged woman who wants to look smart, stylish and appropriate. When you wear clothing that is appropriate for your age and body type, you will command respect from those around you.


Many women get locked into an obsession with size. Not all clothes are made alike, and one manufacturer may make a size 12 that’s really like another manufacturer’s size 10, or another manufacturer’s size 14. The fit is what’s important, not the size. When buying really expensive clothing that is meant to be investment pieces, always consider that anything can be altered and for expensive investment pieces, if that’s what it takes to make something fit properly, then so be it.

*Jeans –

Most middle aged women will not look attractive in tight fitting flared jeans or pants or low rise pants. That doesn’t mean that you can’t wear jeans and still look appropriate, hip and stylish. A basic pair of dark washed trouser jeans will look great on women with most body types. A proper pair of trouser jeans may even be appropriate to wear to work.

*Pants –

As with jeans, the most attractive pants for most middle aged women will be a trouser style pant. Neutral colors are the most practical because they can be mixed and matched with anything, and they can easily be dressed up with an appropriate top. Textured patterns are okay if they are subtle. A pinstripe can make someone who is short look taller.

*Capri, cropped pants and shorts –

Capri pants are ideal for older women. It’s a refreshing change from long pants, and it the length is not inappropriately short. Cropped pants are another ideal style for older women to wear in spring, summer and early fall. Most of these styles are wonderfully comfortable and aren’t too stuffy looking. ‘

As for shorts, Bermuda length walking shorts are okay, but look for shorts that have wider legs. Otherwise, you will wind up looking like you are wearing shorts that are too small for you – even if you’re wearing the correct size.

*Skirts –

Mini skirts are not appropriate for women over the age of 30. They don’t look professional and they reflect badly on a woman. That doesn’t mean, however, that just because you are 30, 40 or over 50, that you have to wear long skirts or skirts that fall at mid calf all the time. Confine the shortest length of your skirts to just at or below the knee.

*Dresses –

As women age, their waistline seems to change. To take the emphasis off the waistline, look for dresses where the waistline falls where you are smallest at your trunk. It may not be exactly where your true waist is, but this is the way to emphasize the smallest part of your waist and give the illusion of ideal proportions. It is also a great way to draw the eye away from the part that most women would prefer to deemphasize.

*Blouses, Sweaters and Tops –

One important thing that women should know is that tight fitting blouses or sweaters are not attractive on most women. Short or cropped blouses or shirts are also not appropriate or attractive. Tunics are ideal because they elongate the torso, and can be worn with pants, skirts or cropped pants.

Solid and neutral colors work best because they can be mixed and matched with everything. Don’t go for wild prints, polka dots or stripes. Geometric patterns or prints can add interest to solid colored bottoms. When it comes to sweaters, however, cardigans are a good bet because they work well for layering.

Many women are used to having huge amounts of clothing, but they never bothered to purchase clothing with a wardrobe in mind. They bought individual pieces, never stopping to think about whether a top would work with a pair of pants, a skirt or anything else. In these difficult economic times, it has never been more necessary to be cautious and mindful of what we buy.

When shopping for clothing, consider the occasion for which you might wear something: work, weekend, going out at night, or clothing to wear for hanging out. Look for pieces that can be mixed and matched with each other. Consider that a sporty top may look perfectly nice with a pair of trousers. Fill in your wardrobe with pieces such as a structured jacket.

As women age, it is still possible to look attractive, appropriate, fashionable, hip and put together. It’s just a question of knowing what will work for you, how to put things together, and how to shop for a wardrobe. In the end, you will be far better off with fewer pieces that work well together and that look great on you than a closet full of clothes that neither look well on you or are appropriate for a person of your age. Any woman can feel great about herself as long as she is dressed in such a way that makes people take notice of her, and not of the inappropriate clothing she happens to be wearing.