Womens Accessories where to Find the best Sun Hats

As the weather changes from chilly to decidedly heady , head protection becomes more important. Finding a sun hat that is both practical and stylish can be tricky at times, however there a number of retailers who produce sassy and stylish head wear , perfect for when the temperature starts to rise. Here are a number of the best places to find the perfect sun hat.


This accessories specialist always carries a vast array of hats and bandanas that are colourful, well made and fashion forward. This summer season there is an emphasis on bright colours, shell decorations and pattern. A huge variety of shapes and styles comprise the summer collection including Stetsons, Trilbies and wide brimmed floppy hats which means there are styles to suit any age and face shape.

Some standout examples include, the “Corsage trim paper trilby”, which is made from naturally coloured woven paper and features a jaunty black ribbon trim with black corsage for seventeen pounds, the “Feather and charm trim metallic Stetson”, fashioned from gold woven paper and featuring a bohemian trim of feathers and multi coloured charms, for twenty pounds and finally the “Dogtooth weave trilby”, featuring the snappy black and white checked pattern and contrasting ribbon trim for fifteen pounds. 

Top Shop

For the young or impossibly trendy, there is no better place to buy a sun hat than Top Shop. Featuring bohemian floppy hats , Trilbies even ska inspired pork pie hats , there is every type of hip head gear that you could possible wish for.

Some favourites include the glamorous “ Chain floppy hat” , made from black woven straw and featuring a ribbon and chain band for twenty two pounds, the monochrome “ Floral printed Trilby hat”, featuring a bold floral print and black ribbon trim for twenty two pounds and the urban style, “Khaki trim trilby hat” , a minimalist cotton Trilby in khaki with cream contrast trim for twenty pounds. To view and buy sunhats from the Top Shop range , look online at

Marks and Spencer

From intricately woven headpieces to sassy straw sun hats , Marks and Spencer never fails to carry a wide selection of summer hats. From jazzy striped floppy hats to embellished Stetsons , this vast selection of sun hats, is bound to include a style that you favour.

Some striking styles include the “Wide brim contrast stripe weave holiday hat”, made from straw and featuring fizzy primary coloured stripes for fifteen pounds, the vintage inspired cloche shaped, “Mono stripe stitch pull on hat” in black and white for nine pounds fifty and the pretty , “ Crochet Trilby rose holiday hat”, in naturally coloured straw featuring a delicate rose trim for fifteen pounds.