Winter Fun Inexpensive Winter Activities for Families

Inside of the house or out, it doesn’t take a lot of money to find something that everyone in the family will like to do in the winter. There are inexpensive and fun activities that families can enjoy, even in the coldest, snowiest months of the year.

1. Cookouts, or outdoor campfires don’t have to be summertime activities. In fact, some of the best times for a campfire is the dead of winter. A still, cold, evening around the campfire, bundled up and roasting hot dogs and marshmallows, and drinking hot chocolate is an unexpected weekend treat, and won’t break the bank.

2. Most families have sleds, but even if you don’t, plastic varieties come in any price range and size. If you have a hill at home or nearby, an afternoon with the family gathered together, navigating up and down a snowy hill is good exercise and cheap entertainment.

3. An entire day can be spent creating a snowman or snow castle, and the materials are all free. If you have the right kind of packing snow, you can get really creative and try your hand at a snow sculpture. A snow block mold, usually less than $5, is a really good accessory for making those castle walls.

4. Check your local paper for upcoming free events at your local parks. Many parks have planned nature hikes through the woods in the winter, looking for animal tracks, and varieties of wildlife and birds. For a few dollars, you may also be able to rent cross country skis, if you don’t already own some, and take the family skiing.

5. Most towns have an ice rink in the vicinity. Skating is good exercise for parents and kids alike. Skates are inexpensive to rent, and skating at a rink eliminates the dangers of thin ice and frost bite.

6. For those days that it is impossible to get outside, break out the board games. Not all inside entertainment should consist of video games and TV. Board games, and jigsaw puzzles are one way to get the family together, around the same table, and communicating.

7. Don’t overlook crafts, baking, or other hobbies in the winter months. What you find interesting or fun may just interest the kids as well. Let them try their hand at making cookies, doing art work, or helping dad make a bird house or feeder.

Having fun and being together as a family has very little to do with the amount of money you spend, and this is good news, especially now. If you look around, you will find something new and interesting to do together every day.