Why Women Buy Multiple Pairs of Shoes

I don’t think that anybody loves shoes more than I do. Ever since I was a little girl and saved for my first pair of trainers, that love has been there and I don’t think it will ever cease. My love for shoes has developed with me throughout my years and now its not trainers that I’m after but boots and high heels. The ultimate goal for me at the moment is to one day be able to say “I have a pair of Christian Louboutins”. This is not sad ladies, its perfectly natural. Men have to prove themselves to other men by showing off their strength, women have to prove themselves to other women by having the nicest shoes. See, natural.
I find that whenever I go shopping, no matter what I go out to buy, I always come back with another pair of shoes. Seriously, my wardrobe is stacked full of them. But there always seems to be a good excuse to justify the purchase- they were in the sale, they’ll match that dress I’ve just bought, these are exactly the ones I’ve just seen in my magazine… the list goes on.
And I think that that’s the problem. Us women always have an excuse to buy shoes. I don’t think this is bad, necessarily. Personally, I think the right pair of shoes can do wonders for your confidence. Being able to walk into an interview or an office party knowing that your feet look great is a wonderful feeling.
Likewise, wearing high heels can give you that extra inch which really makes you feel important. Shoes can be the ultimate accessory, especially when worn with a dress so you need to make sure that you always get it spot on. Fashion is constantly changing from season to season and that’s another important reason for women. You can’t go out wearing your shoes from last autumn when everybody else has the latest pair. Get serious! This would be the ultimate betrayal for the female race.
There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a wardrobe full of shoes. I also find that there is no better Christmas or birthday present than a pair of shoes (preferrably boots in the winter of course). Even if a pair of shoes look nice, but are extremely uncomfortable we all know which factor will overcome the other. Women will go through any amount of pain, from staggering around to dealing with the most horrible blisters, just to know our feet are as pretty as the rest of us. And they always are.
So that’s why we do it ladies. That’s why you always find yourself drifting towards the shoe rack, or flicking through your magazine to find the latest pair of boots. Don’t feel guilty, let’s just let nature take its course and let’s go shopping!