Why some Men Cheat

Men cheat for three basic reasons. In their heads, they cheat for myriad reasons. The reality is that most if not all of them can be distilled into just these few reasons.

Men cheat because they can’t get pregnant, and women can. On a subconscious level, men know that the physical risk of cheating resides within the woman. Most men don’t think the equation through concerning what will happen if a child is conceived. They only know it won’t happen in their bodies. Conversely, many men find it thrilling that their seed will be spread around even if their partner(s) do get pregnant. They may not want the responsibility, but they relish the sense of conquest that the pregnancy will represent in their minds.

If they feel deprived of sex at home, many men will cheat. They feel that they deserve the sex that they are not getting from their spouse or partner. So, the cheating in essence is their way of saying to their partner, “this is your fault.” I know this doesn’t make rational sense, but sexual rejection is a powerful weapon that many men perceive that women use against them. Cheating is the weapon that men use to even the playing field.

For men, sexual conquest is about restoring lost manhood. The stresses of their life can leave them feeling unable to change the world that they live in. In order to reclaim that control, a man cheats to say to the world, “see I’m still a potent man.” In the bedroom of a strange lover, the man can feel that he has proven his virility by shutting out the other male competition for this mating opportunity.