Why some Men are Attracted to Older Women

There’s an old country song about a guy that liked to date older women, it had a line that went “… ‘cause older women, know how to please a man.” And that in a nutshell, is why a lot of mean are attracted to women that are older than they are, or are at least older than the young girls that so many other men find attractive.

There is something deeper in that line though, then just the imagery that it conjures; because while it might be true that older women have learned a few things in their years about how to please a man in the bedroom, it’s also true that many have learned that pleasing a man is not the same thing as subjugating yourself to him. In fact, many older women have learned that for a relationship to be a good one, both parties ought to do things for the sole purpose of pleasing their mate.

This is something that seems to have come under fire of late; this idea of doing things you know will bring a smile to the face of someone you love, for no other reason than because you know it will please them. It’s an unselfish thing; an act of pure altruism. Doing something and expecting nothing in return except knowing that you’ve brought some pleasure to someone you really like a lot, is a really good thing; one that men appreciate.

The whole idea seems to go against modern social convention, but it’s something that older women have learned through years of experience.

And that’s just one reason why some men like older women.

Another reason is because of the way things have changed. Older women tend to have old fashioned values and enjoy things that used to be enjoyed by everyone before they fell out of fashion; things that some younger women now find demeaning or just stupid. But that’s the point, older women don’t and that’s why men like them so much; because they’ve learned that simple things like cooking a man a meal, or complimenting him when he does something good, or just acting like you have some respect for him, goes a long way towards making him a happy man. And a happy man, is a far better partner, than one who is not.

Also there is this notion that only young girls are desirable; a ridiculous notion to be sure. Sure, young girls are cute and titillating and all that, but it takes some years for a woman to become beautiful. And it’s this beauty that some men are able to see. And that’s why they are so attracted to these older woman, because they see something so beautiful, that they just can’t resist them.