Why Married Couples should go on Weekly Dates

The reason people get married and move in together is because they both like and love one another and enjoy spending their time together. Unfortunately, because most people have to go to work, it’s not possible to spend as much time together as most couples would like. This is one reason that couples should have weekly dates with one another.

A weekly date doesn’t have to be something fancy or involve a restaurant; it can something as simple as taking a walk around the block holding hands, or driving around looking at pretty trees. It can be anything that the two of you enjoy doing together, though it’s generally best if it doesn’t involve work, because a date is supposed to be about the two of you reconnecting after being apart so much.

Another reason married couples should have a weekly date is because if you don’t schedule something regularly, it tends to not get done at all, it’s just a part of human nature. People tend to keep moving and to respond to what is right in front of them rather than doing things they think might be a good idea. So, if you don’t set up a weekly date situation, you might find that you and your spouse only do date like things on special occasions, and that is just not enough for most people to feel close to one another. Most couples need to have some time together to just relax and talk and catch up with what has been on with the other while they were apart, it’s part of the bonding process and it’s what helps couples stay connected and feeling like they are truly a part of something, not just roommates how happen to sleep together at night.

Another reason that married couples should have weekly dates is because it’s a way for both of them to do something that isn’t work, or a chore or something else on the never ending list of things that need to be done. Taking time off from the constant stream of seemingly never ending things that people seem to feel they need to do is critical because it’s how people keep stress from building up and it’s how they take a time out to notice and appreciate the good things they have in life, such as a spouse who loves them and truly enjoys their company.

And finally, married couples should have a weekly date because it reaffirms that they are together on purpose, and that they both respect the fact that they both are choosing to be with one another on a continual basis; and not just on their weekly dates, but all the time. The dates just help them remember why.