Why is it Hard for a Man to Understand a Woman

It is only hard for men to understand women because many of them think that women have an unwritten code. Why? For some it is the fact that they are egotistical, annoying, idiots who believe women are over emotional and lack the ability to say exactly what they mean, for others it is sheer stupidity for following the advice left to them from men they deem “wiser.” Attention all men egotistical, oblivious and all of the other names to call them, THERE IS NO CODE. Some where along the line of history either an egotistical man made this up to tick off women by giving them exactly opposite of what they want or a heartless women decided it would be fun to confuse the heck out of every man.

There are numerous common myths associated with this unwritten code, the most irksome of which is that women say everything opposite of what they mean. The reality is that women say exactly what they mean. If a woman says she does not like nor want flowers, it means she does not want or like flowers. Thus, do not go out and by her flowers, she probably has a logical reason to why she does not want them, for example, being allergic to them. Along the same line, “that looks cool,” or “it’s nice,” does not mean that the woman is totally into whatever you are talking about, like cars. It merely means that she doesn’t hate it, but would probably like to change the topic soon. If women are into cars they will know everything a man knows about a car and act just as enthused at a car show.

Myth number two, a man must be accepted by her friends. This is not a myth. However, a woman will not automatically dump a man if her friends do not get along with him. It depends how close of friends the woman and other person are and how much the woman values their opinion. Obviously, if the woman states “this is my best friend…” that person will be the most important to impress besides her parents (if she gets along with her parents). True friends will defend and protect a women when need be. If a friend has reason to believe that the man is being unfaithful or abusive (emotional and mental abuse included), they will do every thing in their power to correct the situation from bringing it to the woman’s attention, the man’s attention, and higher qualified person such as parents or police.

The third an final myth for this article, women always go to the bathroom together. This depends on the situation. Large gatherings such as prom, require maintenance that may take more than one person to achieve, for instance re-clasping a bra in the back in a skin tight dress, that has com undone while dancing. If it is a place where the woman does not know many people, like in a club friends may got with or she will ask the man to stay where he is so she can easily find him on her return. People bumping into you do tend to all look the same. Lastly, if two or more women are on a double or triple date, they are talking about their dates, so men you’ll have to deal with it!

Disclaimer: This article is not in all seriousness and should be found somewhat humorous. Enjoy!