Which Clothing and Accessories look Stylish in Floral Patterns

Floral patterns are classic staples in designing clothing and accessories. Most women and girls potentially have clothing or accessory items with some type of floral pattern in their closet and drawers.

Men, on the other hand, do not wear flowers well. The extent of floral patterns found in the wardrobe of most males might be a tie. A floral patterned tie is quite stylish and fashionable against a dark suit.

For the female of the species, flowery designs abound.

* Blouses

Blouses can sport tiny little flower designs, or big bold blooms. Usually small flowered patterns are found on fitted blouses. Blouses worn over coordinating shell tops often have larger flower designs. Sometimes a sold-colored blouse will have a flowered border around the bottom of the sleeve and a matching band of flowers on the blouse hemline.

* Dresses

Flowered dresses can be romantic in flowing sheer or light-weight materials, or utilitarian in housecoats or dressing gowns designed for at-home wear. Floral patterns are especially popular for little girl’s dresses.

Whether the flowers are muted or bold with contrasting colors, flowered dresses are cool, popular and stylish in the spring and summer months, or in winter gowns and eveningwear.

* Sweaters

Fall and winter months are less dreary when one is donned in a flowered sweater. Evening wear composed of a flower and shiny bead designed sweater over black pants is a feminine choice for any dressy occasion. Warm, wooly sweaters with flowers embroidered onto them are stylish for any time of day.

* Pants

Flowered pants of any length are trendy for summer wear. Capri pants, Bermuda shorts, short shorts and long slacks in a floral patterns, accompanied by solid tops are cool, stylish choices.

* Skirts

Whether the flowers are randomly placed or serve as a border, a flowered skirt is pretty for social wear. Flower patterns in skirts do not necessarily work best in a business setting, unless the flowers are extremely subdued and subtle.

* Blazers

Flowered blazers and jackets work very well, even for business, if worn over a solid conservative outfit. Ensure the flower pattern is muted and not too flashy. For social events, show your colorful flowers with flair.

* Lingerie

Flowers are the perfect romantic touch for intimate apparel. Nightgowns, robes, slips, camisoles and matching underwear sets with a flower pattern are feminine and stylish.  For little girls, flowered panties, undershirts and nighties and p.j.’s are pretty and sweet.

* Accessories

Today it is easy to find flowered purses and ballet slipper flats. Jewelry, hair accessories, totes, flip-flops, bathing suits, cover ups, scarves, stoles, socks and myriad other accessorizing items in a floral motif enhance any wardrobe.

I would be remiss if I did not include the most intimate flower accessory of them all – a flower tattoo strategically placed on the body – a popular trend with the younger crowd.

* Denim clothing

Flowers appliquéd on any item of denim clothing is stylish. Denim jackets, jeans or shirts with flowered trim, borders or single flower appliqués are fun and versatile additions to any wardrobe.

There are so many ways to incorporate flowers into your clothing choices during any season of the year.

Flowers, tastefully scattered in clothing and accessory items, are a youthful, feminine and stylish way to express yourself with fashion.