Which Clothing and Accessories look Stylish in Argyle Patterns

Argyle is the repeated pattern of diamond shapes in a fabric or article of clothing. There are many interesting variations incorporated into argyle patterns, such as small and large sized diamonds paired in a design, or geometric lines interspersed onto or around the argyle pattern.

Color plays a major role in spicing up an argyle pattern on an article of clothing or a fashion accessory. Two or more complementing colors are what add interest and attractiveness to an argyle design.

Clothing and accessories that look stylish in an argyle pattern:


Vests have cycled back around in the fashion arena. Argyle patterned vests for both men and women are popular, in both business and leisure wear. A conservative business suit with an argyle vest underneath eliminates any hint of stodgy or boring. Argyle vests look good paired with jeans, skirts or shorts. The shirt under the vest can be either pristine white or a color matching one of the colors in the argyle pattern. More adventuresome fashionistas might get away with wearing a striped shirt under an argyle vest.


Argyle socks never go out of style. Darker tones work well with business attire. For leisure wear, the wilder the colors, the more fun to wear.


Argyle patterns work well on sweaters for males, females, children of both genders and babies. A cardigan, or a sweater vest, in a bright, cheerful argyle design, makes an ideal gift for all ages.


High fashion this year is argyle patterned coats. Belted half-coats in black and white argyle geometric patterns are all the rage.

Hat, scarf and glove sets

Knitted winter outerwear is especially conducive to argyle patterns. The entire item can be argyle, or the band of the hat and matching scarf, with an identical pattern on the upper surface of the mittens or gloves.

Argyle accessories

Nowadays it is not unusual to see an argyle pattern on a woman’s purse. Black and white are an especially popular current design.

You can also find argyle patterns on costume jewelry, slippers, headbands and myriad other clothing accessories.

Argyle patterned clothing is trendy and youthful-looking. If you don’t currently own anything in an argyle pattern, remedy the situation with a spiffy sweater, or some fun argyle socks.

If it can be considered an accessory, the item most conducive to an argyle pattern is the afghan. Whether you are snuggling up by your  television, or buying a gift for a new infant, argyle-patterned afghans are ideal. 

If your overall wardrobe feels boring and worn looking, spice it up with some colorful argyle items of clothing or accessories. Argyle is versatile and can add zest and expand your wardrobe possibilities.   

Add some argyle to your life. Your spirit will be lifted. You cannot help but be in a good mood when you don something in argyle.