What to Wear to Downplay Large Breasts

Okay, let’s face it. When you have large breasts, buying clothes is a nightmare. I actually carry a mini tape measure to the store to take measurements. I have to. If you have large breasts, this is another option, so you do not have to try everything on. I have had large breast since I have had any. This is what I have found.

1. Button-up shirts are a no-no. When you are large breasted, they gap when buttoned up and stretch over your breasts. If the shirt is big enough to button over your breasts without gapping, then the rest of the shirt is to big and looks sloppy.
2. No empire waisted anything. Your breasts will look gigantic because it pushes them up. Unless this is the look that you are going for, avoid at all costs.

3. Avoid two-toned shirts, this draws more attention to the breast area.

4. Do wear flowing tops. This way they fit great and less attention will be on your breasts.

5. The layered look is always good. A t-shirt or blouse paired with a blazer or cardigan, left open.

6. When buying blazers or suit jackets make sure they can be buttoned comfortably without any gaps.

7. The number one most important piece of advice that I can give you is to always wear a good bra!

The former are the tips I have for looking and feeling your best. You will always have large breasts, but now you can be confident that your appearance is not sloppy and you won’t find yourself talking to people that apparently think your breasts are talking to them, because that is where their focus is!