What to Wear to a Fashion Show

Going to a fashion show can be intimidating and you may be absolutely stuck on what to wear and you’ll want to look great because it is a fashion show! However, dressing up to a fashion show is not just about using all the latest trends it is about making your own style and impact while looking great yet casual. Here is what to wear to a fashion show:

In order to look ever so chic a secret is tailoring, make sure that you get your clothes tailored so they just drape on your body and flatter your figure. Make sure you take your outfit to a tailor who is reliable and also make sure that you tell them exactly what you want as it can get quite messy. Once it is tailored, your outfit will make you look 100% better, it is a tip that most fashionista’s hide.

Many think that they have to wear all designer outfits but it is not necessary. It depends on your price bracket, if you can afford to buy an all designer outfit you can purchase one. Wear pieces that are of good quality and make sure that one item is always a statement piece. This could be your top, a dress or your jacket. This creates a look that looks very chic and elegant.

Since you are going to a fashion show, experiment with colour and be bold. Black is always a safe bet but continuously it gets rather boring. You can get a pale pink coat which is chic yet elegant instead of just going with black.

Shoes and Bag
These are items where your money should be spent, you can invest in a great designer handbag and shoes that you can wear again and re-invent the look. Items such as the classic Chanel bag are always in style and you can wear to any fashion show and event all the time. In addition, shoes such as the simple pump 100 by Christian Louboutin is a safe bet to look chic, casual yet very sophisticated. If you want to make a statement with your shoes, go for a pair that says something about you.

You may be intimidated going to your first fashion show or you may just need some tips, the above is a fail proof way to go to a fashion show and look chic and classy. Though remember, you are going to see the fashion show so it is not a thing to get overworked about. Also make sure to have fun at the fashion show.