What to Wear to 4th of July Celebrations

The perfect outfit for your July 4th celebration will depend on what you want to convey and what kind of celebration you are attending.  You can either go the very fashionable and cute route or you can be literal and find some red-white and blue clothes.  Either way, here are a few ideas for clothes to wear at 4th of July celebrations.

[1.] A Sundress

A sundress is probably the most iconic piece of summer clothing.  If you live in an area that is fairly warm in the summer, a sundress will not only be comfortable, but very cute and trendy.  For 2010, look for an eyelet dress or a gingham pattern – both very trendy this year.  This is a great choice if you are planning on bringing a boyfriend with you to watch the fireworks.  Pair your dress with some cute casual wedges and you are good to go.

[2.] Casual Wear in Patriotic Colors

If you want to show your patriotic side on the fourth of July, but don’t feel like finding a themed t-shirt, don’t worry.  You don’t have to go out and buy a new set of clothes for the holiday.  More than likely you already have the three colors you’ll need in your wardrobe.  Some simple blue jean shorts can be the blue of your outfit.  Then look through your drawers to see if you have a red or white (or red and white) tank top.  To complete the look, polish your nails whatever color you are missing in your outfit, and you will be the perfect patriotic party girl.

[3.] A 4th of July T-shirt

Ever popular this time of year is the fourth of July t-shirt.  You can find these shirts at all major department stores leading up to the fourth of July.  The nice part about these shirts is that they allow you to be patriotic with minimal thought to your wardrobe.  You can wear them with pretty much any type of pants, whether jeans, shorts, or a casual skirt.  The downside to these shirts is that they are pretty much only wearable once a year (some only once ever if they have the date on them).  If you don’t mind that, though, this is a hassle-free way to decide on your outfit.

There are many choices for fourth of July outfits.  You just need to pick the one that’s right for you.