What to look for when Buying Comfortable Maternity Jeans

Most women view casual trousers as a necessity, everyday slacks that can be topped with a tee shirt or a sweater are perfect for everyday wear. Being pregnant does not mean that denim trousers cannot be worn but it does mean that one has to know what to look for when buying comfortable maternity jeans.

In general the wearer needs to purchase the same size of jean that they would normally wear. Maternity jeans are designed to expand as the baby bump grows. It is only natural that pregnant women do not want to be seen as frumpy or unattractive and that is why it is possible to celebrate pregnancy by wearing stylish maternity clothing.

A pregnant woman needs trousers that are well designed and functional yet offer both comfort and style. Some Mums to be may choose boot cut, skinny or slim fit jeans while others may prefer to wear super skinny maternity jeans or jeggings. Cotton denim is manufactured in many colors, dark blue denim may be great for day wear and white denim is a good choice for evening or summer wear. Pregnant women need to feel comfortable so stretch denim is the perfect material, this type of fabric has give which makes movement far easier.

It is essential that the jeans have a soft waistband. Maternity trousers that have a fully elasticated adjustable waistband are comfortable, the waistband of the jeans can be pulled up over the bump and sit cosily on top. Some pregnant women find that it is comfortable to position the soft waistband underneath the bump during the early stages of pregnancy. Maternity jeans with a drawstring waistband work well for some but others find a drawstring irritating.

In general maternity trousers and jeans have a jersey Basque built into the front of them, this soft jersey panel expands as the months pass making impending motherhood comfortable. Try the jeans on and check that the fully adjustable elasticated waistband sits comfortably. Some maternity jean designers opt for expanding side panels instead of the stretch front panel. Jeans that have fly front fastenings usually have to sit under the bump which may not be quite as comfortable.

Look at the overall finish of the jeans and pay close attention to where any buttons or embroidery are positioned. Buttons or embroidered panels can irritate the skin causing discomfort or skin chafing. It is important to know what to look for when buying comfortable maternity jeans, mothers to be want to feel that they look their best and a well put together maternity wardrobe helps them to achive that aim.