What to do if your best Friend Steals your Boyfriend

What to do if your best friend steals your boyfriend

At this point when you know your best friend steals your boyfriend and is now dating him, she is no longer your best friend once she’s betrayed your trust.  Confronting your friend and telling her how she has hurt you is the first step in what to do.  Maybe she didn’t know she would have these feelings for your boyfriend. However, her friendship with you should have been more important than stabbing you in the back.

Perhaps, you can forgive your friend for this in time, but as for now that seems impossible and you have to move on from there and wait to see what the future holds.  So your usual hanging out, texting, emailing or talking on the phone should not continue. Making new friends or spending time with other friends will have to fill that void of being around your ex-best friend. You will feel like you were thrown under a bus by your boyfriend and your best friend, but time will heal your wounds. It is better to find out a persons true intentions for you instead of living in denial and ignoring all of the signs someone is giving you that they are not to be trusted.

If you decide to remain friends with this person you owe it to yourself to protect your heart the next time by not trusting your friend around any future boyfriends, because you wouldn’t want the same thing to happen again and she has proved to you that your boyfriends are in season for her anytime.

There might be a chance where your friend will be around your new boyfriend and if that is the case watch her closely, if she flirts or puts off any vibes that she is interested in him, it’s time for you and your boyfriend to leave. A friend like this will never change so if you take a chance with bringing your boyfriends around her, you will be sorry.  If you are fortunate to have a trustworthy boyfriend you have nothing to worry about, there would hardly be a possibility that she can steal him away.

You and your friend might have been friends a long time and don’t let boyfriends come between your friendship. If there is an understanding or arrangement like that, you will not care if your friend steals your boyfriend and you might have stolen one of her boyfriends.  Nevertheless, friends should have boundaries and respect for each others feelings and private lives.  If a friend does anything other, it’s time to lose that friend.