What to ask a Man what to ask Men what Women ask Men Questions for Men from Women

Men hate two things about women: women who act desperate for a commitment and women who ask too many questions.

I don’t know about you but I ask a lot of questions. Maybe it’s because I’m a woman or because I am naturally very curious. That would explain why I remained single for such a long time after my divorce. But I comforted myself in knowing that if they have a problem answering them, then I don’t need them around me. Either way, there are certain questions that seemed to repeat themselves over and over. It only helped me to see exactly how similar men really are. I am sure they say the same thing about us. And who can blame them? They are probably right. But then so are we.

In light of this finding, I have devised five questions that seem to cover just about every little quirk I have personally experienced. Maybe you will be able to relate to some or all of them. Let’s face it, men are so similar, you will probably realize at the end of the questions that you and I probably dated the same man.

What on earth is that?

This is what you ask at his attempt at making dinner. Of course, some men are great cooks, in which case this question can easily be converted into what to ask when he shows you this strange thing growing out of his ear. Of course it’s hair but you don’t want to scare him into “men-opause”. It’s times like these that they run out and buy a red Corvette.

Do you even know what a laundry bag is?

This is after picking up countless socks and underwear strewn all over the bedroom, even in the closet. Funny how they can’t find the laundry bag but when looking for the remote, it can be in the attic, and they still manage to get it.

Do you even know how the toilet paper works?

This is when he forgets to refill the toilet paper roll. This will happen often. Get used to doing it yourself. Really, there is no way he will ever remember. If you even think about not doing it, you will be staring at an empty roll forever and all your white socks will mysteriously disappear.

Was that you?

This is when you smell the un-holiest of all smells but soon found through his smirk, that that smell actually came out of him and made you remember to put air freshener on the grocery list and never make chili again.

Honey, you’re kidding right?

This is a “wild card” question that just about fits anything he will inevitably embarrass you with. Personally, I’ve used this while we were shopping for our grandson in the toy department and my husband got lost in one of the aisles swinging a Star Wars light saber, then asking me if he could get one.