What kind of love conquers all?

Many, at some point or another in their lives, have heard the phrase, “Love conquers all.” However, although this is a beautiful notion, I have never been quite certain about its validity. In fact, I have found myself questioning it quite a bit. Does love really conquer all?

First, I think it is important to determine what kind of “love” we are talking about. Each individual defines the concept of “love” differently. In addition to love’s subjective definition, we must also consider the fact that there are various kinds of love to define. Aside from romantic love, there is also familial love, and love for oneself.

Romantic love

When it comes to romantic love, the notion that love conquers all provides individuals with undeniable hope. These people hope that the deep love that they feel for one another will help them to overcome even the most seemingly insurmountable challenges. Unfortunately, the reality is that when two vastly different individuals come together in a relationship, their differences can frequently become a source of tension, especially if they do not possess adequate communication, negotiation, or conflict-resolution skills.

The bottom line is that relationships take a lot of work to sustain, particularly for a long period of time. Therefore, it is crucial that individuals come to term with the fact that romantic love does not always conquer all. While some couples may be lucky enough to find a partner who is equally ready and willing to commit to working on their relationship as they are, most relationships fail for one reason or another, whether it be two months or twenty-two years after a couple gets together.

Individuals who fall back on the notion that “love conquers all” are essentially not taking responsibility or being accountable for the actions (or lack of action) they undertake within their relationships. This notion can certainly influence an individual’s expectations of relationships. But, don’t make the mistake of expecting any relationship to be easy, no matter how much you love one another.

Familial love

Another important kind of love is the love that we share with our family members, friends, and other loved ones. Many people feel that they will do anything and everything for their family members, but the truth is that there are some individuals who are not as fortunate as others when it comes to the kind of family they were born into. We cannot choose who we are related to and often, many individuals find themselves linked to toxic family members. For this reason, no matter how much we may care for an individual member of our families simply because we are related by blood, or appreciate the things that they may have done for us growing up, familial love does not always conquer all issues.

Love for oneself

While our relationships with other people are certainly crucial to us within our lives, it is important for us to recognize that the most important relationship we maintain is the relationship we hold with ourselves. No matter how hard we try, we simply cannot share 100% of our consciousnesses and our personal histories with another person. Therefore, there is no way for another individual to know us quite as well as we know ourselves. Perhaps the only love that truly conquers all is one’s love for oneself.

No matter what obstacles and challenges we are presented with in our individual lives, if we love and take care of ourselves, we can overcome virtually anything! In this context, love really does conquer all.

In summary, the only the individual asking the question can determine the answer to whether or not love really conquers all. While some individuals may feel strongly that they can push aside differences and maintain a relationship with a romantic partner or a loved one simply because they care for them deeply, other people will find that their love is simply not enough to sustain a healthy and balanced relationship. For this reason, perhaps the only relationship in which love conquers all issues is the relationship that an individual maintains with him or herself.