What is the best Part of the Sexual Experience

The sexual experience is full of wonder and mystery, with glorious parts abounding. At least, that is usually the case when you’re with someone that you truly love and are loved by. The acts that include these two people, this one couple, are the ones that I’ll be referring to in this article. As we begin to determnine what the “best” part of the sexual experience is, we will soon run into a problem. No two people are exactly alike, therefore it is impossible to specify one “part” that is everyone’s favorite.

There is, however, one aspect of lovemaking that is the best. In fact, it is why it even exists. That aspect is unity. The two become one. There is healing and wholeness in this aspect of the sexual experience. One man and one woman become one entity during no other act than sex. The two bodies come together and embrace one another, bringing a strength that one alone will never have.

As the two come together during the sexual experience, the day to day struggles that they may have to endure, whether individually or together, seem smaller. The burdens are lighter and there is a peaceful settling that they may be missing in other parts of their day. They can suddenly see the forest more clearly than the trees. There is a bigger picture that they are a part of and it extends way past the trees, such as the bills, the children, the jobs, the “stuff” that we all encounter in life.

The sexual experience is about much more than our physical bodies. We are all bodies, yes, but there is so much more than that to the beings that we are. There is another facet that we may not see with our eyes, but we do feel as we connect one with another. We are spiritual beings. When we have sex with another spiritual being, there is a spiritual exchange that takes place, further cementing us together as a couple. Our spirits bind together as our bodies do and it is a beautiful thing. We are awakened to a deeper love as we experience one another on a deeper level than at any other time in our relationship.

The best part of the sexual experience will vary depending on who you are. For most of us, it will even vary depending on what day it is or what portion of our life cycle we are in. But, there is one thing that will remain the greatest aspect of the sexual experience. What was once two becomes one. They unify and with their union, they are each made stronger and more whole than they were alone.