What is a True Friend

The definition of a friend can sound very complicated when in actual fact it is very simple.

A true friend will accept you and like you exactly as you are, not wishing that you were more introvert or extrovert, not finding fault in most of what you say or do,  not wanting to change you.

A true friend will want to spend time with you whether you are happy or sad.  Not only wanting to come over when you have a lot of money to spare and promised to take them out for a slap up meal, or when they want a free babysitter, or when they want advice about their boyfriend, or when they are very lonely and bored and all their true friends are too busy to see them.

A true friend will want to support you and comfort you when you are down.  They will not meddle or judge or criticise but they will try to make you feel better, even though there is nothing in it for them.

A true friend will want to keep in touch regularly even when they are too busy to meet up, or if one or the other has moved a long way away, it is important for them to always be a part of your life.

A true friend does not try to use you or take advantage of you.  They do not only call you a friend when they want to borrow a lot of money or when they want you to fix their car.  IF you can afford it and you offer that is different, but it is not why they are contacting you, they would contact you and see you anyway.  You do not have to buy the so called friendship of a true friend, they want to give it to you regardless.  If you are too busy or cannot afford to help them they are still keen to be your friend and see you.  True friends do not look upon you as someone they can sponge off of.

A true friend wants to give to you as much as they take from you. They will not expect to be able to come around to your home and eat all of your food when it suits them, without also inviting you to their home and offering to feed you too.

A true friend respects your wishes.  If you like privacy and do not like people just turning up on the doorstep without being invited or checking it is convenient first,  they will respect it and abide by it, not go off in a huff and lose interest or complain about it.

A true friend is selfless, they value you and they enrich your life.