What are the Biggest Couples Communication Problems

I can’t speak for anyone else and maybe it’s just me, but some of my greatest communication problems have been discussing unfulfilled needs with my mate. I always get, “it’s never enough for you.” Well, YEAH! Especially when what he gives of himself is so far and few between and are usually the things he enjoys. I don’t get it. If after a year or two, that doesn’t change, it’s time to part ways.

It’s a sad state of affairs when most of your relationships go through downward spirals due to a lack of communication. I’m an open book. I enjoy and adapt to many things; period. I enjoy cooking, reading, writing and communicating. I love creation, and my Creator. I enjoy being at home and building one with my mate. The fringe benefit to me enjoying these things is I have the time to do them at my leisure now. I’ve been afforded the blessing of being able to utilize the great outdoors to break the monotony of being indoors; and I love it. Does that sound like a complicated woman?

What many women are impressed with, I’m not. It doesn’t matter to me if a guy drives a luxury or sports car, or if he’s into antique cars or gardening. I’m impressed with his enthusiasm in whatever. However, there are extremes to anyone’s love for things. When my contentment takes a backseat to the things he enjoys, that’s cause for concern. And, if we can’t discuss and get pass this issue, it won’t go away on its own.

I’m at a level of maturity where I don’t feel I need to compromise my standards to satisfy someone without any. I’ve been around the block a few times; I’ve enjoyed my youth and young adulthood. I’ve made poor decisions and some darn good ones. There are still many other things in this life to enjoy; if not with my significant other, it will be alone.

When men find it difficult to adapt to simplicity, I say, “Oh, well.” I attribute this to them being exposed to so much drama in their past that they’re not accustomed to living a life with a ‘low-keyed’ woman. They become restless, and sometimes bored with them. The ‘wild ones’ are who they seem to gravitate to. That’s okay if that’s what they want; and, if it is…I’m outta here!

Like I mentioned, I can’t speak for anyone else, but this has been my biggest problem with the opposite sex. I’m too ‘uncomplicated’.