Ways to Avoid Family Meltdown

The holiday time is regarded by all as a period of joyous moments, fondness, harmony and family togetherness. Nevertheless, with the anxiety and apprehensions of the Christmas holiday season, it’s not shocking to experience family meltdowns because even the closest of family relatives is bound to have its irritable times. Learn how to avoid family meltdowns during this holiday season.

Establish strong relationship with your family members by creating time everyday during the holiday period to communicate and share your feelings. You can interact at any time of the day, but a perfect time to really communicate and share feelings is during dinner hour as everyone will be sited for the meal. You can also plan with every member of the family by fixing a day where everyone can air their feelings and share their apprehensions and fears. However, any time will be okay to do this provided everyone is informed about the time. Such communication is a sure way of avoiding family violence.

Embrace humor and give ears to other person’s point of view even in serious discussions, and refrain from shutting people down when they voice out their concerns over something because meltdowns normally occur when people feel their feelings aren’t being heard.

Forgive and forget any misunderstanding you may have had with your family members and resist from entertaining grudges. When an issue has being resolved, refrain from bringing it up in any subsequent discussions. However, learn to be unbiased during family discussions and keep away from holding someone else responsible for your own feelings and emotional state of mind. But rather, communicate your feelings clearly and shun absolutes.     

Submit your wish to be right. Respect other people’s point of view at all times and don’t try to make others reason like you by trying to convert their ways of thinking to suite yours. But rather, recognize your differences and occasionally agree to disagree.

Keep away from some situation if you feel you are being engrossed. Sometimes, it is advisable to create some time to cool off, so as to regain calmness and then go back into the discussion at a subsequent time because you won’t achieve much in the discussion in an angry mood.

Have regard for one another. There is a saying that’s often said, “Respect is Reciprocal’. No matter your age, show respect for one another and never insult or give names to other persons regardless of how enthusiastic you may feel about a particular issue.