Views on Premarital Sex

It is a common attitude in our culture that singleness gives us a license to try out people emotionally and sexually.  Some believe that if you are not married to anyone in particular, you can do whatever you want and when ever you want it with whomever you please.  You obviously live in a time where old Biblical values are no longer held in high esteem.  As a result of reversed values in our society, we are suffering the consequences as evident by increasing numbers of divorces, broken and single parent homes, unhappy, and devastated children. 

Obey God and his principles for your own good

Sooner or later it is good to consult the old scriptures and change the modern and speedy ways that are bringing you more harm than good.  The Holy Bible says “Honor marriage, and guard the sacredness of a sexual intimacy between a husband and wife.”  God designed your sexuality as a physical expression of the oneness of marriage.  A husband and wife are to enjoy each other bodies in marriage because they in essence belong to each other.

Attempts to rush God’s timing can spoil the beauty of His plan for your life

The fast-paced culture we live in propagates that you don’t readily accept the concept of delayed gratification.  It is usually believed that if something is good for you, you should seek to enjoy it immediately.  You often make the mistake of taking a good thing out of its appropriate season to enjoy it when you want it.   The point is that you can not skip ahead to experience the riches of another life season any more than a farmer can rush the spring.  Each season builds on the one before it.  Premarital sex is a prime example of this principle. 

Premarital sex is almost like a flower plucked before it blossoms.  Sex in itself is a wonderful experience.  However, if you indulge in it outside of God’s plan you sin.  God envisioned many wonderful experiences for you.  However, he assigned them to different seasons in your life.  God did this with a reason. One is not better than the other as each season yields its own unique treasures.

Do not allow yourself to be sexually used and then discarded

The Creator did not design you to be used sexually for one night and then discarded.  Do not allow a guy to take advantage of you that first night you are together.  You are not a toy to be played with and then tossed away.  You are a human being with emotions and feelings.  You never know when and if he may decide to leave you.  As a result of his sudden departure you may feel lonely, deserted and worthless.  Your heart is going to want to break apart.  If you trust in God and his best intentions for you, you will understand that momentary and fleeting pleasure could never be more important than eternal partnership.

Recognize the deep significant of sexual intimacy in marriage

You should recognize the deep significance of sexual intimacy between a husband and wife and refuse to steal these privileges before marriage.  In the end, you should think about what is more important to you and decide between pleasing another imperfect human being who primarily cares about his own lustful needs or obeying God and his commandments?

Your true love will wait to consume your love in marriage

If somebody loves you he will be ready to commit to you without compromising your integrity.  If somebody really loves you, he will want to be with you in good and bad times equally and will be ready to commit to you in marriage.  He won’t ask you to compromise on your religious/spiritual and psychological needs on behalf of your physical needs.  He will understand where you are coming from and that you desire for your true love to be consummated in marriage.

Think about potential implications of engaging in premarital sex.  Next, you should think about yourself as a person and how you will be affected if you indulge to sexual pleasure before adequate time?  Finally, it comes down to your faith, how much self esteem you have as a person and how much you appreciate and love yourself.  If you do not love yourself, how can you give love to anybody else?