Understanding the Female Mind

If there is anything worse than climbing the Mount Everest without oxygen, that could tear your lungs apart, is to understand a female mind. God alone knows as to why it is so complex. When a man makes simple little observations, he better be careful no to say that loudly, for the next thing he might get to hear from his better half, is a totally different and sometimes opposite interpretation to that. It is so important to say and do things the right way when a female is around, or else that could be the end of a fruitful relationship. Its not easy, but it is do-able, as Sean Connery says in the film Entrapment’.

I personally feel that if one is to choose a female as a life partner, it is so important more than anything else, to see if one could effectively communicate with each other more than anything else. Or else, as someone once said, when we grow old and cannot move from our seats, if all that we have is each other’s company and the gift of speech is all that remains, then a Man’s life is screwed if he cannot even bear to manage a decent conversation with his partner. Thank God some of us become deaf, as we grow old. Maybe that will save some of the embarrassment.

I have personally been a counsellor to many a girls who have had problems with their relationships and find it quite hard at times to understand the very thinking behind the disputes and the female partner’s interpretation as to why things went wrong. With the modern day women into anything and everything, relationships sure have taken a beating for the worse with many people ready for a split at the drop of a hat. Women tend not to think twice before bringing the issue of a divorce. Who knows maybe some of that has to do with the remuneration that one may receive?

I have to say, most women are soft, kind hearted and caring. But there are many a women who unfortunately do not fit that bill and to understand these women is not easy at all. Maybe it is the hormones, may be it is the very anatomy. Either way, do men care? Probably not!

Should one break his or her mind to solve this problem, again probably not? Men and women have existed for years and years and nothing has changed when it comes to understanding the female mind. So why bother!

Well if I have tried to make some sense of trying to understand women, I guess that would be far from the truth. If anyone can, please let me know. If a woman can understand another woman viewpoint, well then it would sure rain tomorrow.