Traditions and Values in non Religious Families

In our home we have a few Christmas holiday traditions that we share together. Some traditions we brought into our marriage from our growing up years. There is even a new one that we started with our children so that perhaps some day they will continue it with their children as well. The main tradition that we have is that we want to spend the holiday with those that we love no matter if it is friends or just family.  It is just a day to surround ourselves with those we care for.

When speaking with my husband over the holiday traditions we had taken from his side of the family the tradition that comes to mind is opening a single gift while spending quality time together listening to Christmas music. It isn’t the matter of doing anything else other than spending time with one another as the children are fidgeting in excited anticipation for the next morning to come.

In my family we hadn’t opened Christmas presents early, not even one – though in sharing traditions we definitely did use it as a time to spend together.

One of the main traditions that we had actually took place earlier in the month on the evening of the 5th of December. What we had been brought up in my family doing is that we would place one of our shoes outside before bed so that while we slept St. Nick could come and give us a bit of insight on how we were doing in terms of Santa.   Were we naughty or were we nice?

The following morning we would find out if in our shoe St. Nick had left us a treat to indicate that we had been good children thus far or had we been left a couple of sticks or a lump of coal to indicate that we had been bad. Much of the time we had received gold chocolate covered coins as our treat, and occasionally we would get a mix of both sticks and chocolate to show us that we could improve our behavior. It was something we always looked forward to having take place each year.

Besides sharing the traditions that we grew up with, a tradition we have made to share in our family is each year we paint ornaments together for our tree. To us it makes our tree more personal and endearing because we know the love that we put into each of the ornaments that we decorated, as well as the memories we have from sharing in the experience together will always be with us.

The best tradition of all is our tradition of making memories. Memories of how close we could be as a family as well as memories of doing things with one another rather than just breezing past one another like a passing wind.