Top Summer Fashion Trends for 2011

The fashion trends on offer for summer 2011 are many and varied. In general, the majority are feminine and very wearable. This article provides a brief guide to six popular summer fashion trends for summer 2011.

Six popular fashion trends for summer 2011:

1. Color blocking

The 1960s trend of color blocking is undergoing a revival this summer. It is not only being applied to clothing, but accessories like handbags and shoes. For example, you will find handbags with contrasting colors in different sections of the bag. Or shoes with a heel in one strong color, the strap across the foot in another, and the ankle strap in yet another color. The trend is even being applied to flip flops, so if you are on a tight budget, a pair of flip flops can provide a good way to embrace the look.

2. Floral prints

Women who love feminine fashion will rejoice at all the floral prints on offer this season. Like the color blocking trend, floral prints are not only prominent in clothing pieces, but also in the accessories arena. For a really on trend look consider a pair of floral print pumps, or sandals.

3. Lace

Lace remains very popular for summer 2011. If you really like lace, you will find that there are many dresses constructed entirely from lace. For just a touch of lace, there are lots of lace blouses, or skirts, and t-shirts with just a hint of lace.

4. White

The dominate fashion color for summer 2011 is white. The great thing about this is that it is a summer classic, so anything you buy this year should be useful for future seasons. In particular, you will find a lot of Prairie inspired tops and dresses in white. If your finances are tight, a simple white T-shirt never goes astray during summer.

5. 3D effects

Texture is trendy in all areas of fashion for summer 2011.  When it comes to clothing, look for garments that feature quilting, 3D flowers or petals, and ruffles. In the accessories department try styles with lots of decorative hardware, embossing, or quilting.

6. Grecian style

When it comes to women’s clothing, draped and gathered styles are very popular.  If you like soft looks, try a pleated chiffon number. For something a little more substantial, there are lots of mid-weight jersey designs that integrate some form of Grecian inspired draping technique. Grecian elements are also being applied to handbag designs, with many featuring unusual tucks, gathers and twists.