Tips for Saving a Troubled Marriage Marriages in Trouble you can Save your Marriage

When your marriage is in trouble, and a good many marriages fall into disaray after a few years, most partners seek help to recover the excitement and feelings of closeness they experienced in their early years.

Where do you go for help and advise? You can find articles in magazines and online. You can seek assistance from friends and relatives.

The problem with this route is that you generally get ambigious answers that are hard to understand and equably difficult to apply to your particular situation.

What you really need are practical suggestions. Ideas that you can put into practice and actually see a light at the end of the tunnel.

This article cuts out the ambiguity and provides real ideas that you can start doing today.

When you fall in love, you are gloriously, wonderfully and passionately happy with another person.

When you feel this way about that person, you are overwhelmed by that God given inborn desire to spend the rest of your lives in his or her arms.

This generally results in marriage by a “man of the cloth”, who reads the marriage vows to you which require you to love and cherish each other for the rest of your lives.

After a few years, the bloom of the honeymoon may become dimmed a little for various reasons. You still love each other, but that love is tempered by a myriad of problems that every married couple faces.

For instance, are you still affectionate with your spouse, are you respectful of his or her opinion, does your employment produce a sufficient income? Do you do things together? Do you agree on how to raise your children? Do you both try to give 90% of your best to the other?

All of these and many other things produce a different kind of love, which is of a more practical nature. This type of love is very important in a marriage and it will be the glue that holds your union together.

Considering the above, you may find after you have been wed for a few years, that your marriage has become somewhat humdrum and boring. When this happens, it is time for you to spice up your lives if you want to avoid the serious problems that boredom can cause.

The way to do this is to find some fun and exciting things that you can do together. You need to sit down and discuss activities which would be enjoyable and in which you can both participate.

I will suggest below some activities for you to consider. But, with a little thought, you will be able to add many other possibilities. Remember, the important thing is that you choose activities you can do as a team.

1. Consider learning how to bowl. The people who run bowling alleys will be very happy to show you the fundamentals. After you have gained some confidence you can consider joining a coed bowling group.

2. Think about taking tennis lessons together. Most colleges include tennis lessons in their course catalog. These are usually inexpensive. Taking lessons is a good way to start because you will be able to play other beginners and quite often become good friends. After you feel good about your ability to compete, you can go to almost any public tennis court and find other couples who will be happy to join you in a match.

3. Learn how to play various card games. If you have a computer this is very easy and inexpensive to do. You will not only learn how to play the games, but you can also play against the computer for practice. As soon as you feel sure of yourself, you can invite your family and friends to join you a couple times a week to play cards. You may be surprised at how many people of you’re acquaintance are already playing these games such as pinochle, bridge, poker and various other types.

4. If you and your spouse have gained more weight than you like, you can contact other friends who have the same problem and start your own” biggest loser contest”. To make the contest interesting, you can all fork in a little money to buy a prize for the couple that wins.

5. If your income does not match your monthly output you can work together to start a home business. The link below covers the 100 most successful home businesses in America and keeps you informed of new ones on a regular basis Joining this organization is free. You just need to sign up. This activity is one you can really get your teeth into and may turn out to be very profitable.

Now that you have the idea, don`t wait to get started in this new venture.

Remember, those who play together stay together and have fun doing it.

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