Tips for Prom Shoes

For me, the ideal prom shoes would be something with a high heel, especially with dresses that are shorter than calf length, to lengthen the legs and streamline their shape. Shoes shouldn’t really match too well with the dress; they should contrast, but still look good. Metallic shoes in silver and gold will work with almost every single dress out there. Clear or white shoes should be there for back-ups, if the silver and gold doesn’t look well with the dress.

Shoes should not have ankle straps that are high, because they visually cut off the leg and makes for a chunkier appearance, which should be avoided unless you are slender and like to take risks. Low ankle straps, that go under, towards the toes are more appropriate and look no worse than those with high ankle straps. The only real case where you should wear shoes with high ankle straps is when your dress is long, which is about ankle length in cases for prom.

For those of you that are tall, and do not want to appear any taller, pretty flats can do the job. They are easier to dance in and very comfortable. Not as elegant as a high heeled shoe, but nevertheless attractive. If you are of medium height, or don’t really care about height, formal wedges can work. White wedges with clear accents always look great. They are easier to walk in than heels, but can still give you the height that flats don’t.
Open toed heels are sexy and beautiful, and are just fancy enough that they can be appropriate for prom as well as many other occasions. Make sure that you practice walking in them, as well as high heels or whatever you have been considering for your prom night.

For those of you that think that metallic shoes just don’t work for your dress, add some silver or gold embellishments or accessories. A wrist corsage with silver or gold details would be lovely! Don’t forget that your date was can always be considered your biggest and best accessory. Will he be unique and wear a silver coat instead of the standard black that everyone seems to be wearing? I hope so.

As for your dress, I won’t do too much talking because that is not the point of this article. But, try a burnt orange, midnight blue, dazzling gold, or deep emerald instead of all of those pink and black dresses that girls wear a lot. You want to stick out. If you’re really bold, you might want to try something like a blood red dress with a plunging neckline. Note that it’s not a good idea to wear plunging necklines if you’re chest-heavy. Halter dresses and empire waists are elegant and beautiful. Personally, I’d love a dark blue with a sweet heart neckline or a lavender ball gown because I want to be unique, but I personally don’t want too much attention.

The longer the prom dress the higher the heel can be. You don’t want 4 inch tall stilettos with a mini-skirt because you’ll look like a tramp. You can, however wear with a dress that is slightly too long for you, that drags on the floor which you want.
Have fun at your prom. Let’s hope that you aren’t as clumsy as me and you will be able to dance gracefully. Let’s also hope that you don’t have a shopping addiction like me and can’t leave until you’ve tried everything.

Happy dancing!