Tips for Overcoming Family Conflict

Conflict is an inevitable element of any form of relationship. it is the manner in which the crisis is handled that will determine the quality of the relationship. Misunderstanding in a family setting is quite intense because so much emotion is involved. It is important to handle family conflicts cleverly and with a lot of thoughtfulness. The following tips will help in effectively resolving family conflicts.  

 *Shun prejudice – the basis of most family misunderstanding is misconception of the other person’s position on issues. Many people do not get to find out facts about the situation but prejudge the person based on what they feel. To resolve family issues effectively, learn to avoid judging other members of the family before they have the opportunity to defend themselves.

 *Be ready to compromise – happy communal living is all about giving in to one another when necessary. Compromise does not indicate that you are weak. It only shows that you are considerate and you are ready to pay any price so that issues are resolved successfully.   

 *Control your emotion – jealousy, anger and pride are cancerous emotional dispositions that make it difficult for conflicts to be resolved.   You need to be in charge of your emotions so that you can have a correct assessment of the situation at hand and look for appropriate solutions.

 *Cultivate forgiving attitude – similar to being ready to compromise is the necessity to forgive as prompt as possible. Grudge and malice can only make the matter worse. Family members must learn to forgive one another no matter the gravity of the offense. 

 *Involve a third party when necessary – there are times when conflict in a family setting gets so bad that different camps emerge and no one is capable of offering an objective solution to the problem. This is the time to involve a third party who can view issues objectively. This could be a respected relative or family friend. 

 *Effective communication is imperative – the time of conflict is not the moment to shut down on one another. Do not stop talking, the conversation might get hot and loud, but keep talking. Freely bear your mind on all issues and shun bitterness.

 *Practice empathy – always turn the table around when misunderstanding arises in the family. Try and empathize with the other person. Put yourself in his shoe and feel what he is feeling or how he feels with the next step you want to take as regards the issue at hand. Understanding how the other fellow feels helps to bury the hatchet. Empathy also helps to value individual differences.

 *Listen actively – learn to listen attentively when discussing volatile issues. Learn not to interject family members while they are trying to bear their minds in issues. While you listen, keep an open mind so that you can be objective as regards what you are hearing.

 Every member of the family has the responsibility to maintain the happiness and togetherness in the home. It is essential to resolve family issues as amiably as possible.