Tips for Finding Clothes that Fit

How to be wrinkle free

Most people are unable to afford their own tailor to ensure perfectly fitting clothes. Poor fitting wrinkly clothes do not give the impression being smart and stylish no matter how much they cost or how trendy the label. But it is possible to ensure that your designer or high street clothes look stunning when you wear them by recognising the wrinkly signs of a bad fit. Here’s how to ensuring that you are wrinkle free and your clothes fit like a glove.

To ensure that your clothes fit beautifully, always spend some time trying on clothes. Ordering clothes in a few sizes by mail order is ideal as it allows you to spend plenty of time ensuring that your purchase has the correct fit, it is usually easy to return any clothes that do not fit correctly. If an item of clothing is wrinkled try the next size up or down respectively and look and feel to ensure it is a correct fit.

It is important to remember when shopping that sizes vary greatly between shops and styles of clothing so whilst a size 12 may fit in one shop you may need a size 14 in another. There is no shame in going up a size when required as no one will see the size labels in your clothes – you could even cut them out if you are really worried. Everyone can see if a garment is too small or poorly fitting. You may find that certain shops have clothes that particularly suit your shape. It is advisable to go to these first in search of the perfect fit. If you are short or tall we particularly like the petite and tall ranges at Marks and Spencers, Next and Dorothy Perkins.

Clothing that is slightly too big in places can usually be altered by seamstress or dressmaker. If the outfit is more than slightly too big in places it is probably best to avoid buying altogether and trying a similar style in another shop to find a better as even with alterations the outfit will probably never fit perfectly Letting out a slightly to snug outfit can also be an option but this is reliant on their being adequate material in the seam so where possible it is best to go up rather than down a size.

Remember that a badly fitting item of clothing will not do you any favours no matter how much it costs, it will look awful and probably feel uncomfortable. You are best saving your money and looking for something wrinkle free that fits like a glove.

Tension wrinkles are caused by too much material sagging or too little material being stretched over body parts. The following guide explains the worst offenders:

Jackets or tops

wrinkles radiating from bust or armpit – too small across bust
taut wrinkles radiating from sleeve- too tight in sleeve
taut wrinkles running down sleeve – too tight at shoulder
slack vertical wrinkles down arms – too big across shoulders
slack vertical wrinkles down chest – too big across bust

Trousers or skirts

taut horizontal wrinkles across stomach – too tight across stomach
taut horizontal wrinkles across hips and thighs – too tight across hips and thighs
excess fabric appearing at side seams below waistband- too big in hips
slack wrinkles from waist band – too big at waist
v shaped wrinkles down back side – too big across backside

The following guide explains how a well fitting garment will look and feel:

Jackets, tops and dresses

Long sleeves are on the wrist bones, should seams hang vertically from point where arm joins should, no gaping at all in front buttons, collar rest flat against back of neck, darts don’t pucker, bustline darts end at fullest part or bust, fabric lies smoothly across bust, lower torso and backside and hips on longer tops and jackets, you can comfortably stretch your hands over your head and out to the side when you put them down top should move back into place, any shoulder pads should rest snugly on top of shoulders and not fall forward, back or down arm, top button can be done up without strain even if you do not usually fasten it, blouse does not balloon over waistband and tails of shirts can be securely tucked in.

Trousers or skirts

You can put them on without wiggling, you can just fit 2 fingers in the waistband, you can sit without stress on the fabric, you can sit an cross your legs without pulling the fabric, skirts do not twist around waist whilst walking, you can take normal strides when walking, fabric falls straight down backside and does not cling to buttocks, pockets don’t fall open, button zip and fastenings are not strained, standard trouser hems skim front of shoes and fail halfway down hem at back and a round stomach isn’t obvious from side view when breathing out.