Tips for Dealing with Rowdy Guests

Because you never know how rowdy guests will act; it is best that once you notice their behavior, or someone else tells you that the person has gotten out of hand; you must take immediate action.

Some rowdy guests will say something “out of the way” to someone, for example, a man’s wife; which could cause a fight in your home. You are responsible for what goes on because you invited the rowdy guest. If the person has already caused problems; it is probably too late to say: “No more drinks” because he/she has probably already had too much or came to your home with several “under the belt.”

It is difficult to know how someone will behave (drunk or sober), so you must take proactive steps to remove the person from your home. If the affair is at a hotel or other meeting place; you might have to summons security for assistance. We have all read about guests who have returned with a gun to shoot someone because of an alleged misunderstanding; so do protect yourself. If you are at home and the person will not leave but continues to harass; you might have to pick up the telephone and call the local police department.

Rowdy guests have to be treated like you would a guest who has had too much to drink. If you are to have a good time with your other guests; you must ask the rowdy person to leave. If that person came with another person; that person will also have to leave. You can ask the loud, boisterous guest to stop the behavior; but sometimes that person will curse or even swing at you.

Do not assume that because it is your house that you are in total control. Although you are responsible for what happens, believing you can control a rowdy guest could cause you trouble. If you have not hired security for your affair at your home; then you will have to rely on the police if the person will not leave. If the rowdy person says: “I will be back,” immediately call the police to report the threatening statement.

Always protect yourself; when you do approach the rowdy person ask someone else to be with you. That person will not only serve as a back-up, but you might later need a witness.

Because we are living in times that are very different than previous years; we cannot use the old tactics that we used years ago. For example, you could tell the rowdy guest to lower his/her voice, or say “I’ll have to ask you to leave if you continue,” etc., but anything you say nowadays could potentially be taken out of context. Because people are under so much stress; you have to “second-guess” them all the time.