Tips for Communicating with your Husband

Generally, men and woman communicate in a very different manner. And sometimes, talking with your husband can be a maze of miscommunication. Understanding how men think will help determine how to communicate with them effectively.

A good thing to remember when communicating with your husband is most men are fixers. They have trouble understanding when their wives talk about something that’s a problem for them, that all they want is an ear. Women forget sometimes men hear they have an issue and immediately want to fix it. Always tell your husband you just need an ear. Make sure he knows you aren’t looking for answers. Tell him you just need a little sympathy.

Most men like facts. They want you to lay it on the line. They like it if you cut to the chase. You want to make sure you get all the facts in, as quickly as possible, when trying to communicate with your husband. Don’t meander around the main point. More than likely, your husband is already trying to make right whatever it is your telling him and the meandering will only throw him off course.

Only you know your man but for the most part, anyone who gets home from work needs some time to regroup and put himself into the present situation. Avoid trying to have long, philosophical conversations when he walks through the front door after work. Give him some time to settle in before you try talking with him.

While most men like direct, to the point facts, there are certain questions which make guys shut down. Do you love me? Why do you love me? Where is this relationship going? These questions will usually make a man sigh and look for the television remote control. If you can find a way to talk about these things without these types of questions, you’ll be ahead of the game.

Honesty without gushing emotions is usually the way to go. A lot of the time, men have issues with emotional outpourings. It makes them uncomfortable. Most men are raised to be these tough, strong, no-nonsense beings and confronting emotions is difficult for them. If you can, in order to be more effective at communicating with the one you love, try to rein in your raving emotions. It will help you get your point into their head.

Never worry about asking if your husband understands what you mean. It’s always a good idea, in any relationship, to ask the other person if they truly understand what you mean. And saying what you truly mean is the best bet. Sometimes, women say one thing and mean another. Sometimes, we don’t exactly know what we want. If you don’t know, it’s a good idea to say you aren’t really sure what you mean yourself.

In any relationship, sometimes communicating is difficult. Finding the best way to communicate with your husband will take time. It won’t be an overnight phenomenon. With time, you’ll know how to not only get your thoughts and feelings across but have them fully understood.