Tips for Choosing the right Summer Shoe

Summer brings with it certain considerations when choosing footwear. Shoes that are right for you may not be for someone else. This is because where you go and activities you carry out while wearing them can make a big difference as to which are the best choice. At the same time, the summer heat can affect the health of your feet. Wear the wrong shoes, and your feet may become sticky, blistered and sore. Wear the right ones, and your feet will be healthy and cool.


Athlete’s foot and fungal toenails are prevalent amongst wearers of tight, enclosed shoes made of artificial, as opposed to natural material in the summer months. Open-toed shoes and sandals with a strap securing them at the back can help your feet feel fresh, and allow air to circulate, thus reducing the possibility of fungal infections and discomfort.


Chiropodist Emma Supple, suggests that summer shoes should be larger than those worn during winter months because feet swell when hot. Your regular sized shoes may rub and cause your heels, toes and the sides of your feet to become red and sore.


Shoes and sandals come in an assortment of colors. Summer tends to be associated with light colors as opposed to darker varieties like black, dark grey or brown. Light tan, fawn, white and pastel shades are more likely to best match your summer clothing.


Although flip flops can be great as beach footwear, they offer little in the form of support for individuals who are on their feet all day. Likewise, sandals with no support at the back put pressure on the smallest bones of your feet located at the front.

It’s best to choose shoes and sandals which cradle your feet and don’t leave you scrunching up your toes in an attempt to keep footwear in place as you walk. Shoes with a wide strap at the back, an area of side support, and open toes are ideal.


You are likely to require a variety of different types of footwear during the summer. Court shoes may be suitable for work, flip flops for the beach, and kitten heels during the evening. Special celebrations may call for higher heels, while gladiator sandals and wedged heels might be better for everyday wear about town.


Sandals which fit too loosely may feel fresh and cool, however, those that buckle-up in a loose fashion and allow too much movement can cause swollen ankles due to the wearer slipping and sliding in them over long periods of time. If you have a narrow instep, make sure you buy shoes that fit snugly, although not tightly. This way you will have allowed room for slight swelling, but reduced the likelihood of turning your ankles.


Cheap summer shoes and flip flops can seem like a bargain. They are far from a great find though, if the thinness of their soles leaves the bottom of your feet open to damage. Not all pavements and beaches are free from debris. On some, needles, glass or sharp stones can be discovered. Choose shoes with a decent sized sole in order to protect your feet.


Heels can look sexy and help make your legs look longer. They can be a problem though if you intend to wear them all day. As summer is the time for activity, wear medium or low heels until the sun goes down and evening cocktail parties and barbecues begin.

If you find walking in heels difficult, but want to complete a summer outfit by wearing them, consider a platform variety as an alternative to thin heels. They are easier to move about in, more supportive, and can look great with a summer dress.

Sports shoes

If you intend to jog, play tennis or engage in another sport, you will need to wear appropriate footwear. Sports shoes are designed to be supportive and take friction rather than letting it extend to your delicate feet. After wearing them during sport, however, take them off to allow your feet and shoes to breathe. Your feet will be far too hot and sticky if you continue to wear sports shoes when it isn’t necessary to do so.

Sun protection

Summer is definitely the right time to wear flip flops or sandals when in the right location. However, don’t forget to put sunscreen on your feet. They are likely to have been hidden under tights or socks in the winter, and will be susceptible to sunburn once exposed in open footwear.

As long as you are mindful about protecting your feet from the rigours of summer heat and sunshine, you are likely to find suitable shoes you will enjoy wearing in the summer months.