Things to consider before Buying a Handbag

Most women carry a handbag of some sort.  Whether you go to a store or look on the Internet, you are likely to find many different options.  The following are some things to consider before buying.

How big is it?

A lot of women have a preference on the size of their handbag.  If they have a lot of different things that they carry, then they might want a larger bag.  If they need to be able to fit it into smaller spaces and do not have that much then they might want a small bag.  Also consider how heavy the bag is.  In general the larger a bag the heavier but it can range depending on the hardware as well as material.

Look at the design on the bag

Some bags are very colorful, bright and wild.  Others are much more conservative.  You can think about your personal style and what goes along with your personality.  Also think about what will not clash with you outfits.  Think about where you are going with it.  If you are a businesswoman and will be carrying your handbag while meeting with clients then think about what you want them to see.  You can also do something unique such as a photo purse from

Consider the material

Different fabrics give handbags different looks.  In addition, some materials are more durable.  Others are better able to withstand the rain. Think about what your needs are as far as look and durability.

Look at the pockets and closures

The simplest of purses just have the one basic opening.  Others have a wide variety of compartments.  Think about what is easier for you.  A lot of people like a lot of compartments to make it easier to find things.  Of course, you can buy an insert to fit into the purse, which can put in additional pockets.  Also, think about the closures.  If you are always throwing your purse everywhere then you might want a full zipper closure so that nothing falls out.  You might like to look or ease of one that just snaps closed.

Consider price

Of course, a lot of people will look at price.  You can buy a handbag for under $10 or spend in the thousands on a designer brand.   Think about your budget and whether you feel like you want a certain type.

You may use your handbag every day so you will want to think carefully when selecting the one that is right for you.  Consider the above tips to aid you in this.