The Top Romantic Surprises

There are many romantic surprises but couples have to be original as well as open to variety. Believe it or not, the top romantic surprise for the male is to tell him that you are pregnant with your first child, especially after you both have wanted a baby for a long time. Once you learn the definite news, do not call him at work. Either say: “Let’s go out for dinner tonight,” and the reveal the news, or when you are preparing for bed, just take his hand and place it on your stomach, and then tell him. Not only will he be surprised, he will be exhilarated.

Another romantic surprise is to call him at work and tell him to meet you at a hotel on Friday night. In fact, make reservations at the hotel that you and he used to stay when you were dating. (Make sure you know that he does not have other commitments). After he responds to the affirmative, do call him back or leave a message on his cell regarding the room number. When he arrives, have the champagne on ice, hor’dourves delivered, and have on one of your nicest negligees. Later, give him a choice of getting dressed going to a nearby restaurant or ordering room service again for dinner.

Most males also know how to surprise their mates. For example, having a dozen red roses delivered to her job every Friday for the entire month of her birthday is definitely romantic. The first question she will receive from her co-workers is: “Who is this man?” or “Where did you find a husband like this? Does he have friends?” You will be the talk of the office.

Some men like to buy their wives undergarments. Although there are some who do not like to go into that particular area of the women’s department. It is very romantic when he selects the type of garments that he would like to see you wearing.

The male or female can make an appointment for his and her body massages. There are salons where both people can get their massages performed at the same time. They can request a male masseuse for the woman and a female for the man. It is very relaxing, therapeutic, and romantic. Following the massage, stop for an early dinner with wine. Not only will this surprise relieve the stress, it will be an outing that the couple will look forward to.