The Tall Girls Guide to Buying Jeans

If you are above average height, and have on numerous occasions caught yourself in the men’s department searching for jeans with an inseam longer than 28 inches, have no fear. You are no longer doomed to look like a ranch hand. The fashion industry has finally noticed that there are women above five-foot-nine, and although temporarily forgotten about, almost all retailers have expanded their women’s clothing to include pants for the more vertically challenged. Lofty ladies, our solutions have arrived!

To find that long awaited solution, simply try some of the larger retailers that are in all major cities who carry tall sizes in the stores. Some of these stores have catalogs which should also be looked at. Often times, the catalog may have extended talls with unfinished inseams longer than 32 inches. Lands Ends stores, which are no longer exclusive to catalog orders, have expanded to include their merchandise in Sears. There are even websites dedicated to the taller woman to purchase clothing; just hop online and search. The in store setting is less cumbersome as you are able to try the jeans before purchase.

To avoid having your pants look as if they are floating in mid air, try having someone measure your inseam before your purchase; this may reduce the number of pants you’d have to try on before actually finding the proper fit. The cut of the pants would be based on your personal preference. Depending on your size, you may prefer stretch jeans, boot cut, flair or straight leg. Also consider what style you are most comfortable in.

Tall and full figured? Don’t fret! Ashley Stewart, Lane Bryant and The Avenue carry plus size jeans in tall sizes.

Trust me, being 6-foot-3 has never been easy when it came to pants, but with a little perseverance and assistance from the clothing industry, I finally feel like a lady, not a cowboy. Tall women can feel confident and stand with their shoulders back, knowing that their are now tall-fitting jeans options out there for them.