The Negative and Positive Power of Words

Words have this fascinating power on us that we rarely stop to think about. We write, and we have communicated a message. We talk, and we have either made your day, or have ruined it. The words we speak have this immense power that we are unaware of, yet when we learn to harness it we have something that can have people on their knees without having to do anything at all. Words can be used for good, and used for evil, so what are you going to do with your words.

Sometimes words can be used to avert a crisis. I see that you want to use that weapon on me, and I don’t have anything on me that is going to defend myself. All I have are my words. What am I going to say? All I am going to say is that there are a lot of people who are going to be changed because of what you want to do. Are you prepared to deal with that? Just being calm, and talking sense can diffuse a conflict before it can escalate.

On the other hand, words can be the very weapon that starts a war. I can walk by you and say nothing and I have invested no effort on my part. However, I can walk up to you and talk about your mother, or use a racial slur against you. When a fight starts, or when something bad happens to me, I have nothing to blame but my words. My mouth can be a greater weapon than anything else that I could use on you or on myself.

Words can bring people to tears, or bring them to tears of joy. I can tell you that you have gotten promoted, and have changed your life forever. I can also tell you that you have cancer, and that you aren’t going to live for more than six months. The words I use, and how I say them can ultimately be the difference between pain and joy, or a loss or a victory. Words can not only be said, but spoken in a way that could totally change how you see a situation.

A sense of humor is powerful if only because it is a way to deflect your pain. People act out because they don’t want to speak even if the use of words is the healthier option. Words have a power upon others, but on ourselves as well. We can draw strength from a word spoken with a hint of optimism, and we can drag ourselves down to self-defeat when we hear discouraging words. It really is amazing how a word can change our lives.

Words can hurt, and words can heal. Words can start wars, and words can end conflicts. Words are powerful weapons that we have when we know how to use them. They say that the pen is mightier than the sword, and there is a lot of truth in those words. The spoken word will always be more powerful than any gun, or bomb when it comes to influencing how people act.