The Male Tendancy to Childish Behavior

My mother used to say to me often, men are must like babies. I did not think much about that statement when I was younger. I could have cared the least bit about a man. My mind was on climbing trees, charging full speed down a steep hill on my three wheeler, and playing with my dog, Chico.

My thoughts reflected back on her wise saying when I finally met the so- called man of my dreams. It was like a living nightmare. I had to tell him to bathe, how to take care of business, how to talk to people, how to act, and so on.

It was like raising a child of my own. Bring me a plate. I’m hungry, feed me. Wash my clothes, cut my hair. It was like being in a day care or something. Don’t get me wrong, if you have a good man, by all means don’t hesitate to care for him. But for the life of me I am not helpless, so why should he be?

A baby cries when it’s hungry until you feed it. A man seems to do the same thing. It’s like, if both of us work, why can’t he go into the kitchen and prepare himself a snack until I can do it. Babies cannot do that. They cannot walk, and even if they could, they still wouldn’t be able to. They just simply are not capable. Some men can be the same way, seemingly incapable. They are called “King Babies.”

I really do not know why my mother said this about my father, that he was like a baby. There was and still is not any comparison to anyone’s baby with him. Father was a hard working man. He always kept more than one vehicle for the family. He had his own business as a concrete finisher, he could fix anything that was broken, although at times procrastination was his worst enemy when it came to fixing things around the house. But he was a hard working man and still is.

My mother did not have to work. So I feel whatever my mother had to do for my father, he deserved every bit of it. So my father does not count in this comparison.

I am talking about the temper tantrum, voice raising, can’t lift a finger to do a thing and will complain if they have to, men. This type of man is just like a baby or young child. If he does not get things his way, he pouts, fusses, huffs and puffs until something gives. When you ask him to do something like take out the trash or help around the house, he complains how it is a woman’s place. If you do something he feels was out of order, he wants to yell and get dejected giving a cause behind it. If you just happen to raise your voice or change your pitch, they cannot take it. Why is that?

I’ll tell you why. They are still children in the mind. Adolescence has yet to take its leave.
Flip mode takes over. At times he wants to grow up, but at other times, he is stuck between being a baby and an adolescent.

This may be a little harsh, but it seems to be the truth. Children growing up in the new millennium are spoiled. Unless you find a man with a little maturity on him, he will be the same way. Our children are at times taught how to do nothing but play video games, listen to music, eat, sleep, excuse themselves to the privy, and complain about what they do not have or what they have to do. A lot of men in my generation are the same way.

Why? Because they grew up not knowing how to work. Many grew up without a father figure, which can excuse some things, but not all. Some grew up, never having to be accountable for their own actions. They always had someone to bail them out.

Me, I just want to see men who do compare to babies, just stop it. Stop acting helpless and spoiled. If you want to be spoiled, earn it. Even if women mature faster. Get some wisdom. I know that will not happen in the majority of cases.

Anyway, the point here is, I find my mother’s words to be true with a lot of men today.