The Disadvantages of Wearing a Bra which is too Small

Although one may suppose that a woman would not intentionally wear clothing which is too small, what invariably happens is that women grow in size. Their vanity won’t allow them to admit that they have grown bigger, and they carry on wearing the same size of clothing in the vain belief that they can fool those around them that they haven’t put in weight. Unfortunately, the opposite is true especially when it comes to foundation garments such as a bra.

The disadvantages of wearing a bra which is too small are many. Not only will the bra leave sore areas around the area where it is fastened which are unsightly, the bra will also pull on the shoulders and leave marks there. A bra needs to be supportive rather than restrictive, and this is very important from a health point of view, since incorrectly supported breasts can result in shoulder injury and back ache when this really isn’t necessary at all. With important glands in the armpit area, constriction of the lymph gland area can be detrimental to health. Swellings are also not uncommon to those who wear tight bras, and sweat is increased by restrictive tightness.

The disadvantages don’t stop there. When the area of skin around the midriff is pulled in too tightly, it produces bulges which will show through clothing as unsightly. What many women don’t appreciate is that if they change the size and admit that they have grown, a correctly sized bra will give them a flatter appearance which is much nicer to look at.

If the label doesn’t please the eye because the size is bigger, what’s wrong with simply cutting off the label. The point is that people use this size as a stigma which works to their disadvantage. Wearing a bra which is too small also offers the incorrect support to the breast area. This effectively means that the breasts are pushed into the bra and look horridly presented with bulges which go upwards. If the breasts are contained correctly in a fitted bra, this won’t happen.

Wiring in a bra which is too small will rub badly. In the correct size, the bra is geared to give great support. Often the wiring in a badly sized bra which is too small hurts the breasts, and the wearer needs to keep pulling down the bra. It looks unsightly to be fiddling with the bra rather than having the confidence that the bra is correctly adjusted to support the breasts well.

Sports bras

Sports bras are designed in such a way as to make movement unrestricted. Since minimal clothing is worn over a sports bra, the smaller sized bra will give less support while performing sports activities and will be less able to move with the body. Put on the right size, and the comfort levels are increased.

To ensure that the bra is the correct size, get yourself measured. The cup size as well as the overall diameter is vital. Cups which are too small pinch the breasts, while those which are too big create creases under the clothing. An experienced shop assistant will be able to measure the breasts accurately and make suggestions of styles based on your body shape and your breast size.

When you start to get over the fact that you have increased in size and wear the correct size, the presentation of the body is smoother, the flab seemingly disappears and the breasts have the correct amount of lift. Look at options of support. If you have large breasts which need more support, look at bras which have under-wiring. If your breasts are self supporting but not very apparent, try a push up bra to give the appearance of nice neat breasts. It’s never worth wearing a bra which restricts the breast area, or which causes discomfort. It doesn’t fool anyone at all.

If money is short, even a budget bra in your correct size will feel better than one which is too small, and will help the overall appearance of body shape. By being careful with your presentation from the underwear that you wear, right through to the styles of clothing you wear, you take away all the disadvantages and begin to feel good about the way you look. Just because you are a size larger than you were doesn’t limit the possibility to present your breasts in an attractive bra. Bigger breasts doesn’t necessarily mean less style.

Look for adjustment of straps. Look for bras which allow you two settings of clips, so that if you do put on a few pounds, the bra can still be worn comfortably. Look at the softness of the fabric, and the solidity of manufacture. A good quality bra doesn’t have to cost the earth but should include all of these elements. With peace of mind, and the disadvantages eliminated, the breast area gives a great support for the outer clothes without having to perpetually adjust the bra, or worry about the soreness of shoulders and sides. It looks stunningly classic, and if you cut out the label, your secret is safe.