The Disadvantages of being in a Love Triangle being Part of a Love Triangle Jealousy your Partner

While everyone dreams of having a healthy,solid romantic relationship, this is not always possible. Sometimes, a romantic relationship instead of two, there are three people involved. Being part of a love triangle means a lifetime of heartache in various forms.

The disadvantages of being in a love triangle

1. Can never have it all

When being a part of a love triangle, you know that you will have to share your love partner with another person. There will be times where you will want to contact him to share good news about your promotion, but he won’t be able to answer you because he will be too busy with the other person. There will be times where he will have to postpone your date because an emergency with the other, the third person will have occurred. Being a part of a love triangle means that you will be forced to settle for what you can have, which might be significantly less than what you give.

2. Jealousy eats you alive

When being a part of a love triangle, feelings of jealousy will become worse with each passing day. No matter how understanding you try to be, knowing that you constantly have to share your partner with another person is going to drive you crazy. Sooner or later, you will start making scenes which will create tension between you and will lead to the gradual loss of your self-respect. Having to share your partner with another person will trigger every insecurity that you were trying to hide, every inferiority complex you were trying to bury,  every painful memory you were trying to forget. Trying to escape jealousy while being part of a love triangle is absolutely pointless.

3. Get used to it

When being a part of a love triangle, over time you learn to get used to it. That means that slowly but gradually you will start believing that you deserve being in such a situation. As a result, you will not try to claim something better for yourself. As the years will be passing by, you might miss out on the chance to find a person who will be willing to fully commit you. By the time you realise it is time to walk away, it might be too late to have a family. You might have lost all trust in people, and you might end up alone, licking your wounds.

Being in a love triangle is never going to have a happy end. Even if your partner finally decides to move on with you, you will always be looking over your shoulder, worrying that history will repeat itself. Your relationship will essentially have to start from scratch.