The Bedroom g Spot Techniques

To many, the G-Spot is a myth and not a reality. This is generally because they simply cannot find either their own or their partners g-spot. There is little point thinking about differing techniques regarding g-spot stimulation until you know where it is. Exploration of self or a partner is another way of growing together, and by finding those areas that give sexual pleasure, sexual bonding is enhanced, particularly when such knowledge is shared.

In fact, the g-spot is quite easy to find. However, it is not noticeably apparent for the novice unless the female is sexually aroused, during this time, the g-spot becomes more raised upon the vaginal wall and therefore makes the ‘ah I have found it’ moment much more frequent.

Generally, the hunt for the g-spot is concentrated too far into the vaginal cavity which leads to failure in your search. To find the g-spot look on the front wall of the vaginal cavity about 3 inches or so in from the entrance. Often the g-spot is located behind the pubic bone. You are looking for a small nub of slightly rough and slightly raised flesh. You will know by sensation when you have located what you are looking for.

There are many stimulation techniques that you can use on the g-spot. The first and most obvious is the finger tip. small circular motions of your finger tip will help to raise sensation and help your partner focus on the sensation being created. Additionally, one can stimulate the clitoris at the same time with your thumb creating a gamut of sensation. It is also possible to purchase massage gloves or finger covers that vibrate and such can be used in conjunction with finger stimulation to enhance the sensation.

During sexual intercourse, using a frontal postion but with less than normal penetration, one can stimulate the g-spot with the tip of the penis, adding to normal vaginal wall sensations. One can of course use a vibrator instead of a penis with this technique, however, it may be that the vibration effect may be too much in this area, particularly if you are not used to it. Rear entry positions tend to avoid the g-spot due to the natural curvature of the penis.

Those that like to use strap on devices as a penis substitute can of course stimulate the g-spot this way, using the tip of the penis substitute on the g-spot area. Again, one should use a frontal position to make sure that contact is made with the g-spot.

Knowing where the g-spot is, is the first step to enhancing the sexual experience of self or a female partner and can be part of foreplay or a stand alone masturbatory experience.