Text Messaging

From personal experience I would have to disagree with this statement. I shall explain to you how texting has saved my 6 year relationship many times in many different situations. I am a person who when communicating through speech my words don’t seem to make as much sense or come across as strong as when I have the time to write them down in a letter or express myself in poetry. Back in the day when we didn’t have texting or emailing I would write a letter when I was still frustrated about a conversation that didn’t emphasise strongly what my point was. Now thanks to texting not only can I say what I mean with the power in my perspective, I also have mastered having my husband actually hear what I’m saying. When you have to read something rather than hear it be said your brain will process what you’re reading more in depth without your defence mechanism interfering. When trying to have a heated conversation there’s many things that complicate the outcome such as interrupting defending yourself without thinking about the other persons point. I just recently Christmas of 2009 finally have the privilege of owning a cell phone with a text keypad I thank the inventors graciously for these phones because I am that keen on texting I would still go through the hassle for the years before when you have to go through 3 letters per button to type a word. Now with the keypad it’s just as easy as sitting at your computer typing an email which won’t be received until the person checks their email with texting your able to get your point across at the same time as the conversation rather than having it lost into the wild. This maybe not as fortunate for my husband for having to hear my debates and usually lose his side but texting is also beneficial for others to use for many reasons; such as making sure appointments are still at the location or talking without having to wait for one to receive email or postal mail.

 Now that I have stated my pros and dedication to texting I will agree there could be some cons with texting and having it destroy the art of conversation. One could feel this way due to the short form of using words well texting I know I personally find when typing a letter or writing I find myself using ur for your or hav for have and so on there are many short forms you could get used to using well texting that it becomes habitat to always use them.  As well people these days don’t have the patience to use “big” words well texting so they lack articulation as a consequence of the lazy habit.