Ten Signs a Girl Likes you

When it comes to romance and dating, women are way more complicated than men. They are enigmatic and oftentimes, they express themselves in an imperceptible and subtle manner. True enough, men usually get puzzled figuring out whether the woman of their interest displays the same mutual affection towards them or they’re just flirting with no intention of having any deep romantic relationship.

Hence, the following are 10 surefire signs that a girl likes you.

1) She’s Happy Whenever You’re Around

If a girl likes you, she’ll always have the opportunity to spend time with you. Consequently, she displays a happier aura whenever you’re around and she might also push that you two do exciting things together like playing arcade games or going out for movies.

2) She Wants to Know More About You

Curiosity is actually the biggest sign that she is genuinely interested in a future with you. It’s quite obvious that she likes you when she asks you as if it seems that she wants to learn more things about you.

3) She Talks About Future Plans and Her Dreams With You

Girls open themselves only to people to which they are comfortable with. If a girl likes you, she would be more than willing to share her future plans, ambitions and goals with you.

4) She Touches You Occasionally

Notice that when you two are talking she often touches you – that’s one of the surest signs she likes you. In addition, when she doesn’t move away when you “accidentally” brush up against her it just means that she is comfortable with you.

5) She Seems to be Everywhere

A girl likes you when she finds excuses and reasons to be where you are. She would often find even the most stupid reasons just to be anywhere near you.

6) She Unconsciously Mimics You

In the dating process, we have this so-called “subconscious mirroring,” girls who likes you would subconsciously mimic your every move. It’s more of a psychological process but the bottomline is it really works.  

7) She Introduces You to Her Friends

Introducing you to her friends and perhaps family members means that she wants you to have a “feel” of the people she’s around with. Similarly, she wants you to get along with the people around her.

8) She Laughs at Your Every Joke

Not all guys are clowns and sure they may be corny at times but girls who like them smile and laugh at their every joke just to stay afloat and not to hurt make them look or feel as if they’re trying too hard.

9) She Wants You to Change For the Better

One of the surest sign that a girl likes you is when she wants you to change for the better. A girl who really likes you will go straightforward and criticize you about your mistakes for you to improve and become a better person.

10) She Tries to Look Her Best Whenever You’re Around

If a girl likes you, she would want to look her best whenever you’re with her. She wants to impress you with her looks and she would sometimes flaunt her assets.