Teen Fashion how to get Gwen Stefanis Style for less

From her days in No Doubt, Gwen Stefani rocked outlandish garb from striped midrifts, cargo capris and tennis shoes to elegant, gold designer dresses and peep-toe pumps. Two things Ms. Stefani maintains: an streamline physique and individuality. In her first video “I’m Just a Girl”, she did military push-ups while on stage. Her bold strength is only matched by her bold personality.

After teaming with Eve and Dr. Dre in “Blow Your Mind”, she adopted a funky, hip-hop style. She wore Baby Phat shirts with flair pants and Addidas tennis shoes. Of course, she topped the outfit with blazing, “ice” jewelry courtesy of Jacob the Jeweler. As few years past, Ms. Stefani’s style kept changing.

In “Holla Back Girl” and a revealing Rolling Stone interview, she confessed with an affinity to Japanese culture and style. Even after her marriage to Bush lead singer, Gavin Rossdale, Ms. Stefani has maintained a love affair with the Asian world. In “Beautiful Escape” with music heartthrob, Akon, she and other Japanese women are dressed in gold, micro-dresses. It seemed that Stefani’s Asian attraction may never be quenched.

Also, her immaculate physique and beauty remained the same. Her long, blonde mane is still straight. The lipstick stayed hot rouge. However, she still hasn’t gone back to the early days of mixed-up, pop/grunge No Doubt girl. Ms. Stefani styled stilettos, peep-toe pumps, long leather boots with skinny heels. Videos have her statuesque legs in full view.

To get her style for less is difficult. Forget the dresses, unless you don’t mind paying both arms and both legs for Christian Dior, Donna Karan or Versace originals. If so, specialty order them online on the products’ websites. However, Max Factor makeup will take care of your facial features. Rolex watches and platinum jewelry can be bought at DeBeers, Joseph’s, Greenbergs and any hi-end jewelry franchise either in store or on through the websites. Baby Phat and Sean John for Women clothing can be purchased in major city malls and Hip-Hop Heaven, Younkers, Dillards and Burlington Coat Factory in Des Moines. These stores are all over the country and have websites on the internet. Gucci and Coach handbags and other accessories can be bought online as well.