Summer Shoes

Summer is a busy time of year full of activities, and this constant rushing about from place to place can really take a toll on your feet. In addition, people will measure up your footwear because they ultimately make or break your look. So the agenda for summer is to wear a shoe that is both comfortable and stylish. Here are some tips for choosing the right summer shoe:

Consider Where You’ll Wear the Shoe

Different activities require different kinds of shoes. For example, around-the-house or pool shoes don’t need to be runway ready; the main concern is comfort. So you’ll choose a shoe that is comfortable like Birkenstocks or flip flops. These shoes are also acceptable at almost any other summer event but for parties, your shoe selection widens. Kitten heels, gladiators, and nice sandals are great for any get-together. Shoes for date night/the club, however, tend to be more dramatic and sexy like heels, wedges, and platforms. Use common sense in picking a shoe for an event; find the right balance of comfort versus style.

Consider the Level of Activity

The level of activity is often deciding factor in choosing the right summer shoe. The higher the level of activity, the greater need for comfort. The opposite is also true; the lesser the level of activity, the lesser need for comfort. Consider hiking a trail and sitting in a church service. Hiking a trail is an extremely strenuous activity, so it will require sturdier, comfier shoes like tennis shoes or hiking boots. On the other hand, hardly any physical activity occurs within a church service so you can afford to purchase a more stylish, less comfortable shoe. Simple judgment can determine the appropriateness of a shoe for a given level of activity.

Consider Who You’ll Be Around

You have several kinds of people that you know. Some that you want to impress, some that you want approval from, and some that you just don’t care what they think of you. You will be around all of these people during the summer, so choose a shoe that matches your social needs. To impress a date, wear flirty heels or wedges. To get approval from the mother-in-law, wear kitten heels or nice sandals. Around those whom you don’t esteem as highly, though, you can wear absolutely whatever kind of shoe you want, including Birkenstocks and flip flops.

Considering all of these three important tips when picking a summer shoe will make shopping a breeze. All you need to choose the right summer shoe is common sense, wisdom, and an eye for fashion.