Summer Fashion Tips for plus Size Women

Women of style and elegance come in all shapes and sizes. The stylish-plus-sized modern woman embraces her individual beauty, whatever size she is, and chooses options that suit her best and enhance her individual beauty. Long gone are the days of accepting old frumpy styles of clothing. So for you curvy ladies out there, the following summer fashion tips will help you look and feel your best, as you deserve to.

Cater to your body type

Accentuate your best features and take away attention from those least loved, all of us have parts of our bodies we like more than others, so pick the right clothes that suit your individual body shape. Emphasize any curves, and draw attention away from any perceived problem areas. For example, for the pear-shaped woman, her upper body is slimmer than her lower body, she has the advantage of a slim neck and small shoulders and waist – so these are the things she should accentuate. Maxi dresses are excellent options for women of all body types, especially the pear-shaped woman. Wear the clothes to suit your proportions as there are many body shapes, all with their plus points and downsides.

By wearing what looks good on you, showing your best features, you will have an aura of increased self-esteem which will naturally make you look and feel more attractive. If you’d like to appear slimmer or taller, then vertical stripes are slimming and in fashion. They provide the illusion of making you look slimmer and taller, yet horizontal lines have the opposite effect. You can also make use of monochromatic dressing, which is a clothing style that makes use of one color. The color doesn’t have to be black, especially in the summer, but other colors like purple or green can be used and in whatever mix of fabrics you like. Monochromatic dressing gives the appearance of a slimmer and taller body.

Wear the right size of clothes to look your best

The secret for a plus sized woman to look her best is in the right fit of clothing, not too small and not too large, but the right size for you. Some plus sized women make the mistake of choosing either too large or too small sizes, which results in a bad fit. A bad fit only serves to accentuate those parts of the body you least like, and puts them under a spotlight. So don’t compromise style for fit, as the right size is like that last puzzle piece, it fits in perfectly.

Avoid clingy clothes

This rule is for all, as who wants to wear tight-fitting clothes in the heat of summer, which only stick to the skin, highlight any sweat patches and don’t allow room for air circulation? Part of the beauty of summer is feeling that gentle breeze permeate through your clothing as you walk or bask in the sun. Clingy clothes often don’t make for a neat appearance, so it’s best to avoid them.

Empire cuts are flattering

Empire cuts are really suited to the modern day real woman. They are a perfect cut of clothing to suit many body types, including apple and pear-shaped women, and they work to hide a bulging belly or large hips, while giving a pretty streamlined look. Empire cut waists come in blouses and dresses. Maxi dresses are particularly flattering with an empire waist cut, and are perfect for evening wear or days out on the beach.

By catering to your personal body type, and highlighting the features you like best, and drawing attention away from those least loved, you can create an overall look of perfection and harmony. Opt to wear the right size of clothes and avoid clingy ones and prepare to feel great wearing what looks good on you!