Summer Fashion Mistakes for Men

Men don’€™t tend to be as passionate about fashion as women, but there are still a few fashion rules that men benefit from paying attention to. This article looks at some of the worst summer fashion mistakes men make and how to avoid making them.

Five summer fashion mistakes men make:

1. Socks worn with open shoes

Socks are mostly designed to absorb sweat and keep your feet insulated. Since neither of these tasks is relevant when you wear open shoes, during summer, socks are not needed. And just to be clear, they are not fashionable worn in this manner either! So if you are wearing open shoes, give your feet a break from socks and let the air circulate.

2. Boots worn with shorts

Unless your work calls for you to wear work boots with shorts, men tend to look pretty ridiculous when they wear this combination. Leave your boots for when you are wearing pants. Instead, partner shorts with footwear choices like flip flops, boat shoes, sneakers or sandals.

3. The no shirt look

Unless you have a great chest and stomach, the no shirt look is typically quite unflattering. Strangers generally have no desire to check out a bulging belly or back rolls. Even if you have a great body, if you tend to go shirtless anywhere besides the pool or beach, you are likely to be judged as inappropriately dresse. So really consider the kind of image you want to portray.

4. Speedos (unless you are an expert swimmer and look it too!)

Speedos leave very little to the imagination, so they are a really difficult look to pull off. So unless you are really buff, like an Olympic athlete, they tend to be best avoided. For the average guy, board shorts are typically much more flattering. If you have a large stomach, it is a good idea to pair them with a shirt, or rash vest, at least until you are about to enter the water.

5. Short shorts

Short shorts tend to look a little silly on grown men, unless they are partaking in a sport like Rugby League or Australian Football. Shorts no higher than an inch or two above the knee are a much more sophisticated look.  Many men look good in shorts that hit at the knee or even below the knee.