Summer Fashion Advice for plus Size Women

When warm weather arrives, and winter layers of clothing are discarded, plus-size women might be intimidated about how to fashionably dress without showing too much skin. There are a few fashion tricks you can adopt that will give the illusion of trendy and cool without requiring you to bare your less-flattering physical attributes.

* Beachwear

You can loll on the beach with your slimmer counterparts by taking advantage of the variety of cover-ups available. Purchase a bathing suit with a matching sarong skirt and wrap it around you as soon as you exit the water. You can also use a colorful over-sized beach towel in a coordinating color and wrap it around you in sarong fashion.

If slim legs are you best asset, consider a sheer shirtwaist cover-up, or one with strategically placed cutouts in the fabric.

* Use color to advantage

Gone are the days when plus-size women draped themselves in all black to look thinner. Use vibrant shades of lime, citrus, strawberry or turquoise – all cool summer colors that coordinate well with white, black or khaki slacks, skirts or Capri pants. Reserve shorts for at-home wear. Wear darker colors on top if you are buxom, or on the bottom if hips, stomach or buttocks are your heaviest area.

* Tops

Skimpy shell tops accompanied with coordinating over-blouses in sheer fabrics will be flattering to your shape and keep you cool. Solid fabrics of 100% cotton will also be heat-resistant. Unstructured tunic tops in light-weight material are a god-send for the plus-size woman. Depending on the fabric and design, they are ideal for dressy evening apparel or daytime casual wear. Sleeveless blouses can be worn over t-shirts in vest-like style, covering your bulk and at the same time looking fashionable and trendy.

* Bottoms

If you opt for skirts, stay away from form-fitting varieties. Gored, flowing panels that go to mid calf are the most flattering choice. Choose cool white or khaki slacks or Capri’s with elastic waistbands for comfort topped with colorful over blouses or tunics. Mid-calf or knee-length pants accompanied by a jacket in the same light-weight fabric worn over coordinating shell tops will look neat and fashionable for traveling or daytime social events.

* Accessories

Plus-size women might want to choose dramatic accessories. Big purses or totes make you appear slimmer. Chunky, large jewelry will enhance your appearance. Scarves, stoles, large sunglasses and hats all add an element of high fashion. Sandals, in both flats and heels, are a good option to set off your summer outfits in cool and breezy style.

Ensure to have a fresh summer haircut, collar length or shorter, to round out your cool and comfortable summer look. A manicure and pedicure will also enhance your appearance.

The best summer advice for plus-size women  is to wear a big, friendly smile and to display a generous spirit, perfect accessories the year round for women of any size.