Style Mistakes that can Add Years to your looks

With women growing older by the day, why add years to the way that you look by wearing clothes which age you? With a little thought about the clothes you wear, and the style you choose for your body image, you can knock years off that look. Unfortunately, women don’t always see themselves as looking the age they are and get into habits when it comes to clothes. Whether buying styles because they are familiar and change is difficult, or for the sake of comfort, choosing the right styles really will stop you from adding years to your looks.


The teen who tries to grow up too quickly can of course look older by choosing styles which camouflage her youth. In this case, she may want to add those years, though it’s a dangerous game, especially for girls. Potential dates can assume a girl’s age from the way she appears. You can look young and mature, and there really is no need to try and overstep the mark.

Choose clothing which is not too revealing or short. You may think it makes you look grown up but what it does is add years without adding style. In the hormone stages, it’s easy to see why girls make mistakes. They think with their bodies instead of with their own comfort levels.

The mistake made here is styling the hair in grown up styles which actually damage the hair. This is closely followed by trying to wear clothing which shows off the figure. Teens assume that’s what grown ups do, because they follow their mega star heroines and dress to kill. It doesn’t actually achieve what they want to achieve, and not only do they look older, they actually look like they don’t have much style. Dressing in classier styles geared toward their age is much more effective for presenting themselves as sophisticated.

Middle age

In middle age, wearing clothing designed for youth is a mistake. It won’t change your body or the aging process. What it does do is contrast against your aging skin and make you look ridiculous. When clothing designed for teens is worn by middle aged women, onlooker compare the type of people they expect to see in that style of clothes. You can’t turn back the clock, and instead of making you look younger, the clothing makes you stand out as being terribly old, and grasping at the last chances to try and feel young. Aging gracefully is better because the clothing you choose which is designed for your age range puts you out of comparison with younger people.

There are styles which are flattering, but geared toward the middle aged group of people. The cuts are diverse. The color range is stunning, so why try to be something you are clearly not? By changing into wearing different styles made for your age range, you cut out the competition against young people who will always have better skin, and fresher complexion and are compared to people of similar age and style. What you do with that style is individual and you can look amazing with a little thought to presentation. Add a touch of color in a subtle scarf. Add a brooch or a belt to show off that ever slim waistline, but avoid going down the road of wearing teen gear.

The plus sized lady

Often the plus sized lady mistakenly believes that they can hide their body size behind baggy tops and leggings. The leggings are comfortable but do little to emphasize body shape. In fact, what they highlight is the fact that the body is top heavy and old. To make the look younger and more vibrant, choose shirts and tee shirts which are smaller in cut, thus cutting down the look of bulk. Add slimming waistcoats to break up the blob of color people see.

Forget the leggings. They may be easier on the waistline but they add years to the plus sized lady. A well fitted waistline looks much nicer. Avoid wearing clothing that reveals too much of what you want to hide. It makes a woman look older. A sagging neck revealed by a high neck tee shirt in bright colors makes you look older. Plunge the neckline so that the eyes of the beholder are drawn elsewhere, and you begin to look younger.

The idea is to draw the eye away from the flaws which make you look old. Those who wear clothing which exaggerates the effects of aging will always look older. A similar mistake made by the older plus sized woman is wearing the hair away from the face, since this also shows up the age in the neck area, whereas a style which gently sweeps down toward the center of the neck is a much wiser choice.

Sticking with the same style regardless of age

A woman can look old if she doesn’t change her style as her body gets older. People will remember what she looked like 10 years ago in similar styles and compare what she looks like now with that initial image. The idea of updating to suit your age is that your fashion sense evolves to suit the changes the body inflicts. Lighter hair tones require lighter and more subtle colors. Sallow skin tones require colors which are more muted.

Change your style as your body ages and you avoid the pitfalls of looking too old before your time. The hairstyle that looked good at 20 looks unkempt at 40 and regardless of the length of your hair, you can’t get away with the same styles you used to get away with without looking old. Adapt, modernize and change the look regularly to keep the effects of age at bay. Those who cleverly use fashion to enhance their appearance at different ages are much more successful at keeping the years at bay.