Staying or going

Deciding to stay or go is a question that many people ask themselves when times get rough in a relationship. At the beginning it starts out magical. The two people are in love , and nothing else matters. A woman sees her prince charming and the man sees a fat rump with heart shaped butterflies. Then both people wake up from this falsified dream and find themselves in a situation that they’re unhappy in.
Couples have to ask themselves if they’re truthfully happy or if they just stay in fear of moving on to someone else.

Honesty can be very painful , but lies can prolong living with some one that he or she no longer loves. Lack of communication is the first sign to step out of the door. Basic conversation is the thread that binds attraction .For example, I had a friend named Laura who was dating a older gentlemen. He looked as sharp as Robert Downey Jr. in iron man .However when they were in the room together ,they were two different people. Laura was outspoken and fun to hang out with. Her boyfriend was more reserved. Laura took her drinks at the bar in one clear shot and this old man was sipping on his drink like a drowning toad.

One night, we went out together to a bar in Queens. After several drinks we began talking about parenting and which parent should be responsible for teaching a teenager about sex. All hell broke loose. The conversation began normal but then both of them began arguing. The next minute beer is being thrown across the bar and my friend Laura took a cab home alone.

My other friend and I secretly made a bet on how long it would take the couple to break up. We agreed on a week. Two days later they broke up. Some times personalities just don’t match. Other times, its desires that go unfulfilled. For instance, a man comes home from a hard days work and finds his woman in wrinkled pants with holes in it. She doesn’t look pleasing or even try to do anything special for him.

So in return, he begins looking at other women, imagining that his girlfriend will dress like them and not like a janitor. Relationships are work.Despite how tired or lazy someone becomes he or she must continue to look appealing to their mate. In this case, the man or woman will most definitely leave or begin to cheat.

A cheating spouse gives someone another reason to abandon ship. Forgiveness is good but to stay disease free is far better. To betray someone that you love for ten minutes of lust simply isn’t worth it in this day and age. It is a game where at the end everyone loses. Commitment and devotion is not easy but it isn’t impossible.

There are several reasons to stay in a relationship. If problems in a relationship can be fixed then its worth letting love prevail. Temporary jams in finances cause a lot of women to want to leave their relationships. I want to say to them, ” Hello! We are in a recission! No ones doing perfect right now!” Relationships shouldn’t be built based on money and materials that fade with time.

Long distance relationships cause people to become a little nervous as well. Some people leave their partner to go on a business trip or even to go out of state for college and tell themselves that they cant do it. When my husband went to Iraq last March , we managed to keep a healthy marrige. He stayed there for nearly 15 months, and it made our love stronger. Long distance relationships are possible so don’t give up!

In conclusion, a person’s instincts or sometimes even common sense can be used to direct the person on whether to stay or go. It is up to the couple whether or not they feel that the relationship is worth sticking around for. It is best to observe every option for the relationship before someone decides to call it quits. However, if that person’s partner is not willing to change then it is best to start looking for companionship elsewhere.