Spring Fashion Tips for Pear Shaped Women

As spring approaches with its pleasant weather, it’s only natural that women to look and feel their best. For those who have pear shaped body types and feel insecure about what to wear to look their best and take away any emphasis from the larger bottom half of the body, then the following tips will work for you.

The pear shaped figure, with the top being small and bottom half of the body, namely the thighs and hips being much larger, is actually the most common body type for most women around the world. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, however, to divert any attention from the larger bottom half or if you feel insecure about the shape, there are thankfully some clever ways of styling which can rest your tensions and help you feel more confident.

Pear shaped women do have smaller waists, what this means, is that it’s not only better for the health (more dangers and health problems like diabetes are expected when fat is distributed around the belly, as in the apple shape body type) but small waists are often attractive. As the top half is smaller and slender, you can dress in ways which accentuate and draw attention to your top half.

Belts can be used around tops and tunics to show off the waist and dresses can be slightly nipped in at the waist as long as they flow freely over the thighs and hips. Colorful accessories can also be used to enhance and draw the attention to your top half. Wearing lighter colors on top makes the first thing others will see to be your top half. However, smart ways of dressing can make both halves look harmonized.

Dresses are always a great option and choice for spring, and the good news is that many styles suit women with a pear shaped body.Those empire-waist free-flowing maxi dresses are great for women concerned about their bottom half. The fitted top of the dress (- which accentuates the better more petite half for most pear-shaped women), shows off your best area. While the free flowing and wide bottom half which the dress covers hides the appearance of large hips or thighs, thereby, harmonizing your body and look.

Pear shaped women can enjoy and feel the beauty of spring and not worry or feel insecure about their larger bottom half of their bodies by wearing fashionable spring clothes that enhance their petite upper half and minimize the attention drawn to their lower half. By using belts to their advantage and wearing empire waists, A-line skirts and dresses and brighter colors on the top and darker ones on the bottom, pear shaped women can go worry-free this spring.